Rumor: Apple will design its own power chips – and 2018 iPhones may come with them

A few months ago, the world was moved (or not) by the rise and fall of Imagination Technologies, a company that has partnered with Apple fruitfully since the early days of iPhone graphics chip development and found itself in a state of distress. (after a litigious divorce, of course) after a simple decision in Cupertino, she will then develop her own graphic solutions.

It is now possible for the whole story to repeat itself in another field.

According to the Nikkei, Apple would be actively working on developing its own power management chips, which may equip their devices in the short term according to the publication, even next year's iPhones could already be equipped with new designed parts. in-house. THE TSMC It would already be hired to manufacture the possible new pieces designed by Ma.

The maneuver would come as no surprise given Apple's tendency to design more and more components of iPhones and other devices, taking full control of many aspects of devices and much more freedom to make changes when needed. This was the case with the "A" and "S" processor line, and so it is with the graphics processors that, already on the A11 chip, are designed by Apple itself.

In addition, a power management chip designed by her could potentially take full advantage of the engineering of the company's iPhones, iPads, and other devices, and since dreaming is not forbidden, perhaps even a little bit more battery life. iTrecos.

Who is not at all calm with this whole story, however, the Dialog Semiconductor. The British company has a longstanding partnership in providing power management chips to Apple; To make matters worse, it is precisely from Cupertino that comes almost all of its annual revenue. To get an idea, just with the publication of the report of the Nikkei Which brings no concrete information, just evidence, Dialog's shares have cost more than 18% in the last few hours.

Let's see how this story is going to unfold. After all, as the Tits would say: primate man, savage capitalism.

via 9to5Mac