Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Wins “Display of the Year” Award

Rumor: Apple Watch will use microLED display in 2020

Just now, we have commented that the 2020 iPhones will have more responsive OLED displays. Unlike the iPhone, however, the Apple watch It has been using OLED screens since its first release, released in 2015, and it is apparently time for that to change.

A new publication of Economic Daily News suggests that Apple is in "advanced talks" with Taiwanese display manufacturers to introduce microLED displays in their products next year, starting with Apple Watch.

The news comes months after Ma representatives were seen visiting some factories in the country to learn more about the development of this component, which already indicated the company's interest in microLEDs. The use of this type of display was even expected to be introduced with the Apple Watch Series 4, which was not quite the case.

MicroLED displays use different light emitters than those present on OLED screens of current Apple Watch models; your adoption can make future gadgets even thinner, brighter and more energy-efficient, not to mention that this technology is less susceptible to the phenomenon of burn in.

According to one of the microLED display suppliers in Taiwan, mass production of these parts would take about nine months, meaning that the next Apple Watch due to be presented at a special event in September will continue to be powered by OLED displays. LTPO.

Earlier this year, the Bloomberg made a similar prediction regarding Apple's adoption of microLED displays, further suggesting that the iPhone could gain the technology two years after its implementation in the watch ie 2022.

via 9to5Mac