Rumor: Apple Watch diabetes monitoring may come through a special wristband

Rumor: Apple Watch diabetes monitoring may come through a special wristband

Much has been said about the possibility of a future Apple watch come with the ability to measure the individual's blood glucose levels and thus greatly help patients of diabetes whose monitoring is an absolutely essential part of disease monitoring but with current devices it still involves a relatively boring process with the famous finger stick. The last rumor in this sense even came a month ago.

Now, however, the BGR Comes with new information that may shed a little more light on what this future device with this noble function will be. According to the website, which cites the infamous “sources close to the subject”, the feature of blood glucose monitoring would not be embedded in the watch case itself, but in the other key part of your body: the bracelet.

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Official image:

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The report goes further: apparently, it would be Apple's plans to introduce a number of “smart bracelets” that would add extra features to Apple Watch. The blood glucose meter bracelet would be just one of them, and others with different functions would be released. The site mentions the possibility of a camera strap and an extra battery strap to extend the watch's controversial longevity.

Personally, I believe the rumors have every chance of being true, but I see problems with such an approach if it gets the light of reality. You see, by introducing specific features that are exclusively tied to a bracelet model, Apple loses the “modular” character that has always made it a point to use in Apple Watch advertising the whole story of choosing just one case and being able to customize your watch with The most different combinations of bracelets, all played sewage below.

Of course, some of these functions may be very specific (or even impossible) to apply to the watch case's ability to monitor blood glucose, for example, may require a larger arm contact area, provided only by the wristband. But I don't see Tim Cook and his class changing their new product line sales strategy in such a short time to turn to their audience and say “look, if you want a camera on your Apple Watch, you have to must wear this bracelet here ”or things like that.

Let's see what all this will give

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Square image, for thumbnail

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