Sony Music's pioneering decision will make Apple Music and Spotify have many more remixes in their catalogs

Rumor: Apple wants Drake, Pharrell Williams and David Guetta as "guest DJs" on the new iTunes Radio

Rumors say that Apple will launch a “new” iTunes Radio in parallel with the reformulation of Beats Music, which should be called “Apple Music”. His idea would be to offer personalized radio by region, with a more intense curatorship.

Apple hired DJ Zane Lowe precisely to lead this iTunes Radio project, but today the New York Post revealed that she would be looking for some other professionals from the area to act as “guest DJs”. Among the names cited are Drake, Pharrell Williams and David Guetta, and possibly that is just the beginning. The Drake deal alone would be worth an estimated $ 19 million.

The report also mentions that Apple has been exploiting its strength in negotiations with record companies. She does not want to cover, for example, the costs of the period trial (free) of the “Apple Music” which can be up to three months and not even the music lyrics that can be part of the resources offered to users.

It is possible that a part of the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015, on June 8, will be dedicated to these news. Wait

(via AppleInsider)