Rumor: Apple struck deal with American Express for its mobile payment system [atualizado: MasterCard também]

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Just over a month ago we said that Apple was talking to credit card companies about its mobile payment system and that things would already be on track with the Visa. Today, Jason Del Rey (from Re / code) stated that Ma reached an agreement with American Express, another industry giant.

The idea of ​​the system as we commented a few days ago that users use their iPhones to store information from their credit cards, being able to make payments in stores just by taking their smartphone out of their pocket. Such a feature would be compatible only with future iPhones (which have everything to be presented at the September 9th event). That's because, according to rumors, the new device has an NFC chip (near field communication, or communication by proximity field) and a totally secure enclave to store this sensitive information.

We always have to try not to raise expectations so that, afterwards, we will not be disappointed with what can be presented even more considering that everything is just rumors. The "problem" is that these are coming from very "reliable" sources. Don't ask me how, but if in about two hours Apple manages to present two new iPhones (and some possible iOS 8 news for these new devices), the “iWatch” and a mobile payment system on September 9 promises!

Going back to the mobile payment system until it arrives, know that American Express cards already offer a very cool feature for iPhone users: o American Express Pass.

AMEX in the Passbook

It is a Passbook ticket through which users receive automatic notifications of purchases. In addition, through the ticket, it is also possible to view the total expenses on the card, better controlling your expenses.

To add the Pass, simply visit the URL on your iPhone / iPod touch and follow the step-by-step instructions. Remembering that the feature is compatible with iOS 6 or higher and only works with cardholders (additional do not join in the fun).

Update · 08/31/2014 s 23:31

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According to Bloomberg, in addition to Visa and American Express, Apple would also have entered into an agreement with MasterCard (that is, with the three largest companies in this sector). As well as the Re / code, they also reported that Ma's mobile payment system will be unveiled at the company's next event (September 9).

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