Rumor: Apple rules out electric car manufacturing, focusing now on a system for autonomous vehicles

The titanic saga of Apple's noisy car continues to have its footfalls. Even though they are still rumored, the news boils as if the project has already been announced.

The call Titan Project would have started in 2014 and hired over 1,000 people this until last month when the The New York Times He said many people were fired or relocated to "restart" the car project.

Now, anonymous sources from Bloomberg confirmed that this “restart” is really a redirect: instead of working in an electric car, Apple would now be working on a autonomous vehicle.

This decision would have been due to some internal problems in both the parts manufacturing process and the project management, which one of the sources characterized as “an incredible leadership failure”. The then-responsible Steve Zadesky stepped back earlier this year, and in July Bob Mansfield (retired executive, but very important in Apple's recent history) returned and took over the project. From then on, he analyzed and found it better to "move from creating a direct competitor to Tesla Motors to focusing on a self-guided vehicle platform."

Despite the layoffs, reports are that the number continues to be around 1,000 employees as other autonomous car professionals have been hired. As for the deadline, other people said the project needs to prove viable by the end of 2017, so it knows what the next steps will be.

This indicates that rumors of a completely Apple-made car are a little farther than we thought. In contrast, hardware is more likely to be developed by partners (with other automotive manufacturers already on the market). As such, the previously rumored release dates (2020 or 2021) may extend much, unfortunately.

(via 9to5Mac)