Rumor: Apple plans to bring Watch typography to iOS and OS X

Rumor: Apple plans to bring Watch typography to iOS and OS X

As we know, Apple developed a new typography especially for the Watch, ensuring full readability on its tiny screen. The source is called San Francisco.

It was so well received by users that even last year there were people “hacking” OS X Yosemite to use typography in the operating system.

OS X Yosemite with San Francisco font from Apple WatchOS X Yosemite hacked with San Francisco font

Recently, Apple also started using it on the keyboard of the new 12-inch MacBook.

For now the 9to5Mac claims that Apple would be practically determined to replace the current Helvetica Neue of iOS and OS X by San Francisco already in its next major updates, iOS 9 “Monarch” and OS X 10.11 “Gala”. The move would mainly help to maintain uniformity among all of them.

Although it seems like a simple thing to do, the thing is somewhat complicated as it involves tests and checks throughout the operating system and its built-in apps. Sometimes a caption or button can be “broken” with this typography change and internally there would still be some resistance to exchange by some employees / executives, which may cause Apple to give up on the idea or perhaps postpone it.

And you, what do you think: Helvetica Neue or San Francisco?