Rumor: Apple Pencil support will be exclusive to new OLED iPhones

This week, we inform you that, in addition to the possibility of iPhones released in 2018 have storage options of up to 512GB, they can also bring Apple Pencil support. The rumor was raised by TrendForce, which did not specify on which models we could count on this novelty.

Now, quoting people within the industry, the taiwans Economic Daily News informed (Google Translate) that such support for Apple Pencil comes in models with OLED screens, that is, in the successor of iPhone X (model with 5.8 ″ screen) and in the long-awaited “iPhone X Plus” (with 6 screen) , 5 ″) would be left out, therefore, the new intermediate model, with 6.1 ″ LCD screen.

If the rumor materializes, this would be the first time that iPhones would have support for the accessory. It remains to be seen whether the company would take the opportunity to present a new Apple Pencil as well (the current model, it is worth remembering, was launched in 2015).


When we have Apple Pencil and iPhone in the same sentence, many critics bring up Steve Jobs' famous quote from the smartphone presentation in 2007: “Who wants a stylus? ”

A little context, however, does not hurt anyone. At the presentation of the original iPhone, the late Apple CEO disdained the stylus as a primary form of interaction with the device. In his view (which proved to be correct), no one should have / need a stylus to, for example, make a call, search, order food, play The correct, simplest and most intuitive way would be to do it all with your fingertips (remember that we were in 2007 and that was far from being a reality at the time).

An stylusOf course, it has its value for professionals in the creative area who need an accessory like this to draw or to perform any other task with a level of detail impossible to do with your fingertips.

By supporting Apple Pencil on the iPhone, Ma would simply be expanding the range of options for such professionals who now, in addition to the iPad Pro and the 9.7 ″ iPad, could now also work on an iPhone. is the most comfortable device to perform such a task? Difficultly. But that doesn’t mean he can’t break one branch here, another there.

Making an analogy, like having a nice camera on the iPad. consensus that it is much more interesting to use the iPhone to photograph than the iPad, but that is why Apple has not stopped putting a good camera on the tablet for those who want to walk around with a 10-13 ″ board photographing things. Does the same thing apply to the possibility of drawing and creating things with Apple Pencil on the iPhone? Not ideal, but I have no doubt that, just as we see many people using the iPad as a camera, we will see artists and industry professionals taking advantage of that moment that the iPad is far away to finish, touch up or start a job.

Furthermore, it does not hurt to have Apple Pencil support on the iPhone; for those who do not use / are not interested in it, the smartphone will continue to function as it does today. 😊

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