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Rumor: Apple may abandon 3.5mm headphone jack to make the next iPhone even thinner

The following diagram, from the bottom of the iPhone 6s, does not leave much doubt: the device is today at its maximum possible thickness considering the size of the 3.5mm for headphones.

Diagram of the bottom of the iPhone 6s

Because it seems that Apple wants and will end it in the next generation of your smartphone, at least according to sources (Google Translate) of the Japanese website MACBlog. The company's desire to be able to launch a new iPhone with a thickness "more than 1mm" lower than the current one, following this obsession of recent years.

If this really happens, the iPhone 7 it would become compatible only with wireless headphones (Bluetooth) or with Lightning cables like a few that are already on the market. The EarPods included in his box would obviously be equipped this way, with a connector including a digital-to-analog converter (digital-to-analog converter, or DAC), and Apple would likely launch an adapter for conventional headphones.

I really wanted to understand where Jony Ive wants to go with these increasingly thin products. Honestly, we are already in an excellent stage; there are other more priority things to improve on the iPhone, such as its battery, which is inevitably damaged by the thickness. Oh, oh

(via 9to5Mac)