In addition to "iSlate", Apple would also have secretly registered the "Magic Slate" brand

Rumor: Apple could launch tablet at tomorrow's event

Tomorrow's event could be more than a “simple” presentation of the iPhone OS 3.0, according to Seth Weintraub, a reporter at Computerworld. Your bet that Apple will finally launch its tablet. The rumor supports the idea that such a product would make more sense than a simple netbook.

To calculate the timing From the launch, Seth estimates that if the operating system is placed on such a device by the middle of the year, Apple would want a large software offering for its arrival on the market, as much as it did with the iPhone. To feed this “new App Store”, developers would need a few months to prepare their projects, which means that they would have to start working on them now.

Supposed Apple tablet

Regarding the section of apps “Premium”, Seth believes that paying $ 20 for an iPhone program too much, but that would make a lot more sense on a Ma tablet (or even on Apple TV), which would support really heavy / complex 3D games. The device could still run current iPhones / iPods touch apps in a resolution-independent mode.

Seth's bet that the device uses the ARM Cortex A8 architecture and that its video card is from Imagination, probably exploring OpenCL technology.