Rumor: Apple could buy ARM for $ 8 billion

Ok, the two are chip makers and have very similar names (acronyms), but they have nothing to do with each other except that they are in the midst of rumors about possible acquisitions by Apple. First, there was talk of AMD; today, the ball of the time the ARM.

ARM logo

Now that Google has snapped up Agnilux, it makes even more sense for us to soon hear a possible acquisition of Apple related to chip makers. As ARM is responsible for the CPUs of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch, for Apple the business would be of great value, as ARM also licenses its technologies to competitors such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung and HTC, who would have to look for alternatives in haste. .

Although nothing has been confirmed so far, there is talk of a $ 8 billion purchase. The value is not changed, but it is worth remembering that Apple already has almost US $ 42 billion in cash, perfect for a negotiation of this size.

Interestingly, ARM was founded in November 1990, still as Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. from a joint venture between Acorn Computers, Apple Computer and VLSI Technology.

(via The Register)