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Rumor: “Apple Car” May Actually Be an Electric Van

Much has been speculated about the possible (and large) Apple CarIt is invested that include Ma in the autonomous vehicle market. Despite the numerous rumors, something that is still quite veiled concerns what kind of vehicle, specifically, could come out of this secret project.

Not enough doubts and secrets around Cupertino, the German site Manager Magazin announced new rumors about a change in the direction of Project Titan. According to the publication, Apple is working on its own. van / mini electric bus.

Before you think ?what is it??, It is noteworthy that rumors about the Titan Project have changed course several times over the years. Originally, Apple's efforts were expected to include the manufacture of its first electric vehicle; Then some reports went on to state that the Cupertino giant was focused on developing and distributing autonomous vehicle systems to other manufacturers, which in turn would manufacture the automobiles. Now this.

Based on information from anonymous sources obtained by the Manager Magazin, Apple engineers developed prototypes of black and silver vans designed by the company's industrial design team (the same ones that make the iPhone). According to these people, the company also develops its own batteries, (electric) motors, seats and other internal components.

The report also mentions that Apple only refocused on producing a vehicle (not just standalone software) following the return of Doug Field last August. A few months before that, we commented that Ma signed an agreement with Volkswagen to use the manufacturer's autonomous vans to transport its employees, which may also (or may not) be related to the company's latest plans.

In the end, we can only wait and continue to wonder what lies behind the walls of Apple Park. Anyway, the noted analyst at TF International Securities, Ming Chi Kuo, indicated that the final product of the Titan Project could be revealed between 2023 and 2025.

via MacRumors