Rumor: Apple may be preparing to discontinue 17-inch MacBook Pro

Rumor: and the expected MacBooks Pro update could arrive next week [atualizado: ou não…]

First part numbers, then a lead on the Apple Online Store itself, it appears that the updated MacBooks Pro are closer than ever. And, according to information obtained today by the 9to5Mac, they will be able to land next week.

17-inch MacBook Pro

The website states that not only will the line structure remain the same, as will all prices. Inventories of current models would already be well reduced, even when they were exhausted in certain locations around the globe. This would be an indication that the launch is closer than ever.

O 9to5Mac it also says that Apple is preparing to launch a new AirPort Express with the same design and price as the current one, but with its updated Wi-Fi technology (just as it did with AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsules). No further details have yet been released.

Updated by Halex Pereira

O AppleInsider brings a divergent information: according to one of its sources (which would have a good history of launch forecasts), Apple would be warning its partners not to wait for new MacBook Pro models before the first week of November. And who is right? Soon we will know