Rumor: AirPower, Apple's Wireless Charger, May Arrive Next Month – But Its Price Is Still a Mystery

In addition to HomePod, which was postponed from last year until this month, when it was launched, there is yet another Apple product that has already been announced, but we don't even see a mention of its release by Apple at least not yet.

I speak of AirpowerIt is the company's wireless charger that promises to power up to three devices at the same time. The promise made by Apple was that the Qi-patterned loading mat would hit stores this year, and along with it, the new AirPod case carrying this kind of charge. No one knew for sure, however, when that would be.

Now the japons site MacBlog stated that "reliable sources" believe that the charger be released in March. There is no specific date yet, however, for this to happen; There is also no information about the price of the product.

Other ventilated information was that the rug would also be sold at authorized resellers and Ma partners, such as Best Buy, contrary to past rumors that the device could only be purchased at Apple's own online and physical stores.

Even if we don't know a certain day, its price or even if we can actually count on AirPower next month, it's good to hear about it even if it's remote.

via 9to5Mac