AirPower charging base with iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

Rumor: AirPods case with wireless charging will arrive in December for $ 70

The updated case for AirPods, which will be compatible with wireless charging, still remains shrouded in mystery, as we inquire more deeply in this post. A very improbable clue about the future of the accessory (or rather, accessory accessory), however, may have arisen from an equally unlikely place: Switzerland.

The website MacPrime states [Google Tradutor] having received information from an internal source at the Swiss Apple branch, pointing to the launch date and the likely price of the updated case. Apparently, Apple will launch the new case in December, even before promised – as is well known, the company said that the accessory would now be offered with the charger AirPower, “In 2018”.

AirPower charging base with iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

AirPower charging base with iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

According to the source, Apple would charge for the separate case $ 70, which raises some suspicions; this is the price, after all, that Apple charges to replace the current case with a new one in case of damage. It would not make sense, therefore, to place exactly the same price on an improved product – if the source is correct, by logic, the case without wireless charging will certainly be discontinued.

And in general, if we analyze it correctly, it would not be exactly logical for Apple to make the new case available to the AirPods in December and leave it to sell the AirPower charger only the following year. You see: the only difference of the new case in relation to the current one is precisely the support to recharge by induction; launching the updated model before AirPower, therefore, would lead a number of users to purchase wireless chargers from other companies. Makes sense? In this case, I envision a more concrete possibility for Apple to launch both the new case and the AirPower in December, anticipating the arrival of both.

We will see what will unfold in the near future.

via 9to5Mac