Rumor: about 1,800 people are said to be working on the “Apple Car”, which could hit the market in 2019

Rumor: about 1,800 people are said to be working on the “Apple Car”, which could hit the market in 2019

The rumors of "Apple Car" they are really with everything. We have already talked a lot about it here on the website, but now there is a flood of new information about it.

According to documents obtained by the The Guardian, Apple executives reportedly recently met with government officials DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles, or California Department of Motor Vehicles).

The department only reported that the meeting with Apple was for the company to review the regulation of autonomous vehicles but we agree that this "just" already says a lot. One of the possible reasons for this meeting could be for Apple to get a test license for autonomous cars. However, in doing so the whole secret of the project (if it still has, since a lot like this meeting is popping up by) would go down the drain as practically all the information about the tested car needs to be properly detailed. Even so, a rumor involving possible testing of this supposed Apple car in a private area makes more sense.

Also according to the newspaper, Apple has already appointed an engineering program manager for the car project (entitled "Project Titan"). Usually, when such a manager enters the project because everything is ready to leave the lab. So, one has to coordinate the hardware and software teams. All of this would be happening at a research and development center (code name SG05) located in Sunnyvale, in which Apple would have invested about $ 4.6 million to make it the way it wanted to.

BMW i3BMW i3: possible basis for the development of the “Apple Car”

J o AppleInsider informed that Apple would be facing some barriers to put into practice the car manufacturing plan and that it could depend on a partner (such as BMW) to put everything into practice. The idea, according to the website, is to use a newly acquired space in San Jose (the company paid US $ 138 million for a land of 174 thousand square meters) to build a development center and, who knows, even the area of assembling the cars.

The same AppleInsider also said that Apple's contracts for the project are having a major impact on Tesla. The website says that there are currently more than 1,000 people working on the “Project Titan” and that a good part of that number came from Elon Musk's company. As a result, the automaker's projects are already being threatened by a lack of people.

J o Wall Street Journal said today that Apple hired 1,200 more people and that, now, "Project Titan" has nothing less than three times the initial size (about 600). And the reason for this unrestrained hiring would be one: to anticipate the launch by one year (instead of 2020, launch the car in 2019).

As I always say, the indications are very, very strong. Putting it all together, there is no other option on the table other than actually being an electric and / or autonomous car design by Ma.

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