iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from behind in golden color

Rumor: 2020 iPhones may have 6GB of RAM

This year, Apple updated the RAM iPhone XR pro 11, going from 3GB to 4GB, while the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (successors of XS and XS Max) kept the same 4GB.

There were even rumors that the Pros models would move to 6GB of RAM, but apparently this will happen in 2020. The information was brought today by analysts from Barclays, who agreed, for example, that this year’s models would lose 3D Touch and gain support for Wi-Fi 6.

According to information obtained by Blayne Curtis and associates on a trip through Asia, both the “iPhone 12 Pro” and the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will be equipped with 6GB of RAM and will feature a new rear 3D sensor; the “iPhone 12” would keep the current 4GB.

Barclays also says that all models announced next year should be equipped with 5G modems, but only Pro models will support mmWave frequencies – which provide even higher speeds.

Production of the “iPhone SE 2”

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from behind in golden color

Another rumor that has been much talked about in recent weeks is that of the long awaited second generation iPhone SE.

Barclays has also learned that manufacturing is expected to begin in February – which makes sense, given that it is expected to launch in March or April.

The “iPhone SE 2” will most likely be based on the iPhone 8 case (that is, with a 4.7 inch screen), obviously bringing a physical button with Touch ID, but with the A13 Bionic chip and 3GB of RAM.

via MacRumors