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Rovio Launches Bad Piggies – Pigs Will Fly!

From the same creators of Angry Birds, a new puzzle game is available on the Google Play Store, Bad Piggies, but now telling the other side of the story from the pig's point of view.

The idea of ​​the game joining the parts of the map that leads to the eggs happens that small pieces of this map are scattered all over Piggy Island. And as soon as the story begins, to assemble this puzzle, you will help the pigs create a gadget to retrieve the map wherever it may be, at the top of a mountain or at the bottom of a cave.

To do this, there are 33 objects that must be used to create the perfect means of transport for you to secure the level-level pedestrian piece, such as umbrellas, wings, bottle rockets, balloons, engines and more. Here's a tip that should be taken into consideration right from the start: If you get the three stars on each level, in the end you can unlock 30 more puzzles!

There are more than 60 levels falling, exploding, flying, colliding and of course getting piece by piece from the map that leads to the infamous eggs. Like the game, upgrades are free. If you want to extend your creativity, there are four sandbox levels where you can design the craziest means of transportation.

If you need help, you can turn to a mechanic, yes, a mechanical pig, he assists in the construction of transport vehicles, pre-assembly and adjust the design so that you get the three stars. All you have to do is fly!

Bad Piggies is a fun puzzle game that requires some cunning and creativity to get the highest score on all levels and thus check out the surprises that Rovio has made available to the best players. Maybe you find out you would be a great Red Bull Flugtag participant?

In the video below you can check everything that awaits you in Bad Piggies:

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