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Roll It: Use your Android Smartphone as a Nintendo Wii controller in this multiplatform game.

Roll It: Google Chrome + Android + "Nintendo Wii"

I wish I had found a better title, but I was so thrilled with the game that I couldn't think of anything better, maybe this is the biggest breakthrough of the week! ( At least for me)

With the new graphic standards that the internet has been receiving, especially with the WebGL technology, which was recently noticed here, now there is the possibility of playing a game directly from your browser with integration with your smartphone, as if it were the controller. sensitive to movement, as in the Nintendo Wii.

Roll it

Roll it

The game is one of those well-known games of hitting the ball in one of the holes in the table to score points, the great move you will use your Smarpthone to play by making a movement with your arm to throw the ball.

How to play

First of all you need to have a smartphone with internet access.

Visit this address on your computer's Google Chrome

Roll IT Chrome Experiments

On the page above click on Next.

Now you will need to sync your Android Smartphone with the game, recommended using Google Chrome on Android too, but the experiment works on any other good browser like Opera Mobile.

In the screen above, click Next once again.

Roll it

Now get your Smartphone, already connected to the internet, access the address illustrated in the image above: on your Smartphone you will be asked for a code to synchronize the game, the code is always different but in our case: qktihWait for synchronization, it should not take long, if all went well you will see the screen below.

roll it

The first time you are playing you will need to calibrate the sensors on your Smartphone, follow the onscreen instructions if necessary, and now you are ready to play.

To play you should stand preferably, and in front of the monitor make a ball-throwing motion, according to the speed of your arm the ball will go with certain force.

Check out an ugly demo video for the Google Chrome + YouTube Channel

Experiments like this are the origin of a new style of game that is emerging, where full interactivity and you don't need to have anything installed on your computer, and you reader, what did you think?

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