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Roku CEO Celebrates Availability of Apple TV + on Other Platforms

Notwithstanding the news presented by Apple last Monday, there are many expectations around the company's original video content platform, the Apple TV +.

As we reported, the service will join the iTunes Store collection and Apple TV Channels within the new Apple TV app, which will be available on Smart TVs and set top boxes from other manufacturers.

We had already sung the rock earlier this year when we announced that support for AirPlay 2 would reach many Smart TVs from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Vizio. At this week's special event, however, we saw that Roku and Amazon Fire TV are also inside the cake.

Regarding the expansion of Ma's application to other platforms, CEO of American manufacturer Roku Anthony Wood told CNBC It is extremely positive that Apple is striving to break down its own barriers and make its services available to even more products from other manufacturers.

Obviously, they are counting on the initial adoption (of the streaming) by their iPhone, iPad and Mac customer base. But in fact, Smart TVs are the way most streaming are viewed by customers. where they spend most of their time.

The founder of Roku also missed the opportunity to praise his own company:

For any kind of service like this to be successful, you must be on the major platforms of streaming TV, and we are the main content distributor of streaming In the USA.

In fact, Roku's share of the US market is quite significant: early last year, the company owned 37% of the device market. streaming content, more than twice the expressiveness of Apple TV, which was 15% at the same time.

Wood further argues that the partnership with Ma is not intended to highlight (or obfuscate) other services in relation to Apple TV +. According to the executive, Roku supports most of the services of streaming to offer his customers all available options, but he let slip that Netflix and Amazon Prime are leading the “golden age of TV”.

Apple TV + will reach more than 100 countries later this year, including Brazil. Looking forward to it?

via AppleInsider