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RoboCop is now available on the Google Play Store!

Policeman Alex Murphy's fans will have to wait until February to watch the movie RoboCop, directed by the Brazilian Jos Padilha, but while waiting, can already have fun with the game RoboCop for Android. That's right, the Glu Mobile just put the shooter third-party player available for free on the Google Play Store.

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RoboCop is now available on the Play Store! / Glu
<p>Yes, it took me a while to get the news out, but the reason was that I played a little before and I can say that my first impressions are very good. In the game, you command the armored warrior through the scrapped streets of Detroit, where you have to aim and shoot the bad guys and different machines. Throughout the game you will acquire weapons and upgrades, you can scan the environment with your robotic vision, aim at the bad guys, unleash hostages, launch air strikes and do all sorts of things that would be so much more exciting if this title weren't a model game <em>free to play </em>with in-app purchases.</p><div class=
Robocop android

In RoboCop, you can use the following features:

robocop android game
robocop android game

Remember: RoboCop is a movie-based game, so many of the references in the game are directly associated with the film. But even so, it's a really fun game for RoboCop fans.

To download RoboCop for your Android, visit the Google Play Store. Aina this week, you can check out the game review here on AndroidPIT.

And, what did you think of the new Glu game: is it worth it or just one of the many marketing moves to promote the movie?

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