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Robo5 is not only a action game starring a robot, but also closely resembles a puzzle. This game genre is really spreading on Android and in this case its environment reminds us of Wall-E, Pixar's beautiful animation. Your goal is to guide the little robot through different levels, solving complicated puzzles. To learn more about Robo5, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Robo5 is a lot like Catherine puzzle games made for the Xbox360. At least in the dream part, from which it is necessary to solve a complicated puzzle to scale all levels of a tower. In the case of Robo5, the little robot will have to find the exit, but on his way find different boxes that will hinder his mission. The goal is to move them, stack them or support them in order to drill a hole toward the exit.

Each level of Robo5 is made up of three strata (up to 3) and a tutorial will appear each time a new element appears in the game that was still unknown to the player. The initial levels are very easy, but going forward in the game, you will find that the puzzles are much more complex and you have to make quick decisions to respect the time constraints set by the game. At the time of calculating the score, the time taken will be taken into consideration and will guarantee a bonus.

The game should consist of 40 levels, but once the first chapter is completed, it requires about 2 euros to unlock the full version. We do not agree with this policy, as the game is sold as free, which is not true.


Robo5 is a beautiful game full of varied and interesting tactical and strategic elements. The current game is only a demo, as the full version is only unlocked on payment. Either way, its concept makes it very interesting and worth a try.

Screen & Controls

Robo5 comes with a tutorial for each level to complete, explaining each new element added in the game to be found. The menus adapt well to the game's design and the story behind it enriches it even more.

Speed ​​& Stability

Robo5 worked very well during our tests. No undue interruptions were noted.

Price / Performance Ratio

Robo5 is available for free download from the Google Play Store. However, as we mentioned, at the end of the first chapter, the app requires payment to continue the game. What didn't make us happy was the fact that the game is sold for free, although it is paid for.

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