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Robbers steal 16 iPhones from an Apple Store in California

Recently, several Apple stores in California have been stolen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) by thieves who simply enter the premises, pick up as many products on the tables as they can, and rush out. THE Apple Broadway Plazain Walnut Creek, California, was the latest target of bandits, as the East bay times.

According to local police, three women entered the store over the weekend, grabbed 16 iPhones and rushed off, later fleeing in a silver Honda Civic a fourth element was in the car waiting in the car.

To help in the recognition of the miscreants, the police published two images: in the first, we see the women inside the store; On Monday, the group is already inside the car running away.

Why is this type of theft still happening? Hard to say. Apple, of course, protects itself by running special versions of operating systems on these display devices, turning them into simple paperweight by disabling them remotely.

It is clear, therefore, that even though they cannot use such products, thieves still make money from theft perhaps by selling the parts / components on the black market.

via Cult of Mac