RJ Military Police Make First Arrest Using Face Recognition | Downloads

According to the PMERJ press office, 19 BPM military cops (Copacabana) were fired on the afternoon of Monday, July 08, to verify a possible identification made by the Facial Video Monitoring System. Arriving at the scene, the team approached the suspect and led him to 12 DP, which is in the same neighborhood, to check if the data matched. There, he was identified and two open warrants were found for crimes provided for in Article 157 of the Penal Code, which deals with theft and provides for four to ten years in prison, plus a fine.

In Europe, the use of facial recognition by police has already generated some polemic. In London, a report on policing tactics, released by The Guardian newspaper in May, showed a touch with the subject. According to the text, the concern that software reinforces or perpetuates racism and gender bias.

Another case that gained repercussion was that of Ed Bridges. The former Liberal Democratic Party adviser in the UK alleged that the police violated their privacy rights by using facial recognition at routine times. According to him, there were two occasions: when he went to a cafeteria and when he participated in a peaceful demonstration against weapons.