Rio de Janeiro is now all in 3D on Apple Maps

Rio de Janeiro is now all in 3D on Apple Maps

First it was public transport information, then we started to see some 3D structures arriving at the Rio de Janeiro on Apple Maps.

Now, the entire capital is mapped three-dimensionally:

3D Maps of Rio de Janeiro

Not yet o Flyover (3D flight in fact, with real textures), but it could be the preparation that was missing for that.

Even the neighboring city Niteri received the news, too:

3D Niteri Maps

The focus on Rio makes it clear that it is an Apple concern to cover the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games well, but let's hope this is just the beginning for better coverage in Brazil.

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In related notes, Apple Maps' public transport directions recently arrived in American cities Atlanta, Miami and Denveras well as the lines National Rail of UK.

In addition, there are already clues that it will also show information in real time accidents and others.

(tip from Paulo Costa It's from Salim Saud)