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Ringtone Maker | AndroidPIT

Wanting to have the perfect sound for the smartphone many desire. The Ringtone Maker application which represents precisely the contemplation of this desire. Such an app allows the user to create his own sound. Are you curious about what's behind Ringtone Maker? So keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G) Android Version: 4.0.4Root: NoRoda From Version: 2.2

Ringtone Maker is designed to allow you to create ringtones using audio files. The question remains: does it work well?

Each audio file present on the phone is indicated as a block. Therefore, all that remains is to do a search between these. You choose a song, for example, and determine the starting and ending point of the ringtone you will create. That is, just select a music track and your favorite range and finally add it to your ringtones. Unfortunately it is not possible to mix two sequences, although the fade in and fade out function is present in the application. For those who do not know, such functions will fade out or fade in the sound of a song, as happens when a music track is coming to an end.

The user can still adjust the volume of the different sequences completely independently. What is the result of all this?

The final sounds play surprisingly well. The fade in and fade out functions allow you to insert short breaks, which avoid confusion. The touches are not counterfeit and, on the contrary, play smoothly and without jumps.

The ringtones you create can be saved in the following formats:

Conclusion:Ringtone Maker works simply and smoothly. It is easy to select the starting and ending point of a selection of music tracks. The fade in and fade out functions allow you to insert some empty spaces before and after the songs, preventing any confusion. You can't mix tracks and / or sequences, but we don't see that as a big problem. The app does what it promises without selling any extra features.

Screen & Controls

Ringtone Maker works simply and intuitively. There are no special offers or anything extra. In return, what you offer works perfectly. Selecting the music tracks could not be easier and everything works very precisely. The controls are easy to view and everything is very didactic and organized.

Speed ​​& Stability

The app worked very well, ie smooth and uninterrupted. However, it took some time before all the music tracks were loaded and also their edition. During our tests, Ringtone Maker did not show any crash.

Price / Performance Ratio

Ringtone Maker is available on the Play Store and does not cost a toast. There are similar apps, but they are paid. With Ringtone Maker on the market there is therefore no reason to invest in paid apps that offer the same service. Which lacks the ability to mix different parts of music. However, in general the app does everything it promises.

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