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It's half past seven in the evening: subway peak time in So Paulo. The train cars are completely full, but you get in because you want to get home as quickly as possible. And as much as you try to keep your distance from others, an inevitable shrug of shoulders. It seems that this creates a unity in all that clutter of people. And behold, a cell phone sounds like a ringtone from everyone, including you. The frenzy to answer the phone call of your life (what a drama !!!) is intense. You pick up the phone and find that it was not the expected call. The sound didn't even come out of his cell phone. How about if you have an app that lets you make custom ringtones to avoid that kind of thing? Then follow the review we will do Ringdroid.

Functions & Usage

Ringdroid's first impression is a perfect application for editing sound files.

Ringdroid starts with an overview of the music and sound files you have saved to your SD card. Most interestingly the pleasantly modern application design. If you do not want to use your existing files, you can also record something personal. To do this, press the "Record Now" button and a recorder will appear (although the design is quite simple, as I said, quite interesting). There is an analog dial of an input signal, although it has more "decorative" function. No matter how clean the peaks are, the display never visits the red zone of the dial.

Once a sound file has been selected, you will see a beautifully designed frequency display that shows the first 15 seconds of the selected track (by default). If you think you have become the master of sound editing, be aware that you are partially mistaken. You really become a master because you can select where the track should start and where it should end. However, you are wrong, because once you select a fragment, you will not be able to edit it at all. Effects such as fade in or fade out or sound tuning are unfortunately not available.

If this is not a big bother, you can go ahead and save the selected song fragment. But beware: the sound file will only play for the category to which you assign it. The existing categories are: Music (Music), Alarm (Alarm), Notification and Ringtone. This necessarily means that if you assign an edited alarm category sound, it cannot be used in the other categories.


A great app that lets you edit your favorite sound files and turn them into ringtones, alarm sounds, etc. I can't say that Ringdroid can compete against classic sound-editing tools like Audacity, but that it could at least have more features, it could.

Screen & Controls

Ringdroid is quite exemplary in terms of controls. They are very easy and intuitive, the screen is very clean, easy to navigate and its layout is well thought out, besides having a good design. Above all, it's a good app to make an MP3 file a ringtone.

Speed ​​& Stability

During our tests, Ringdroid had no stability issues. Some delays, however, have come about when we play MP3 files in wave mode. But that only happened once.

Price / Performance Ratio

Ringdroid is available on the Android Market and free.

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