Right Ticket Application – What is it? What is it for? How to download? Evaluation

Ingresso Certo is a ticket sales application that facilitates customers' access to the best parties and events in Brazil. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that you do not need to print the ticket, just show it on your mobile at the entrance of the event.

The main selling events of this app are New Year's and Carnival. However, they also offer the sale of tickets for congresses, fairs, exhibitions, graduations, parties, festivals, concerts, lectures and sports, all in one place!

For the event owner who wants to hire the service, just fill out a short form and send it to the executives. Soon, someone will contact you to close the sales deal. In addition to the sales service, Ingresso Certo offers other services such as access control and real time sales data.

Check below for more details on how the services provided by the application works.

Right ticket

How does the Right Ticket work?

If you are a customer, simply download the app from your iOS or Android phone, create a sign-up with your name, ID and card number to use the app. After that, just search for the desired event and get your ticket quickly and practically.

What is it for?

The Right Ticket aims to increase the sale of event tickets and facilitate the customer to have access to the ticket without leaving home, in a practical and fast way. The facilities are countless for both the party promoter and the customers.

Right ticket

Pros and Cons of Ingresso Certo App

Among the advantages of the Right Ticket are:

For the customer:

  • Sale of Passports: allows entry to one day or all days of the event;
  • Discount Coupon:supply to certain customer groups;
  • Practicality: The ticket is sent to the customer by SMS and E-mail, it is not necessary to print the ticket;
  • Joker ticket: The ticket can be sold in advance and is already associated with the day of the event, allowing greater control;
  • Bar Code: Tickets have barcodes, which increase security and make it easier to control the event.

For the event owner:

  • For the party owner, it is possible to contract the sale of tickets at strategic points of the city to further increase customer capture;
  • For the party owner, the app also offers the service of Online Commissioners, where contract vendors sell their party ticket without leaving home;
  • Online List: The party owner can request the guest list and deliver the tickets sold by the app;
  • The app also offers service of ticket reading equipment and even turnstiles for event control;
  • Box Office Management: Also offered the box office management service on the day of the event;
  • Access management: You can hire the access control service to ensure the security of the event;
  • Sales Control: The administrative system provides the event owner with real-time sales reports;
  • Account Executive: The app also offers specialized sales support to help clear your accounts;
  • Payment: 87% of orders are approved on average. Thus, operators who outsource sales approve 47% of orders, which increases their sales.
  • Customer Contact: The event owner has access to customer contact, which facilitates problem solving.

Among the disadvantages of this application:

  • Difficulties in creating an account;
  • Difficulties confirming cell number.


Customer rating for the Ingresso Certo app by Play Store 4 of 5 stars.


The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or the Play Store.


The simple and user-friendly interface is the English language. Each event has a custom branding URL page.

How to download Ticket Right?

Just go to the Apple Store or Play Store with your iOS 11.0.or device or higher or your Android device. 7.2 MB of free space is required. For iOS system it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

download from play store

download from apple store