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Riff is Facebook's new bet to make collaborative videos go viral

Facebook continues its quest to launch apps for very specific purposes. The turn of the ball o Riff, an app for creating collaborative videos.

Sorry, app not found.

It works like this: you start recording a video of up to 20 seconds, put a very self-explanatory title and publish it on Riff. By doing this, anyone will be able to watch your videos, but only your friends will be able to complement them (that is, record a few more seconds and attach to the video you created). When a friend of yours does this, it opens up the possibility for his friend to do the same thing; then the friend of the friend well, I could understand, right? The thing has no end!

Some resemblance to the Ice Bucket Challenge is no coincidence, yes, the Riff is something very inspired by the mechanics that made the challenge spread quickly (people posted their videos on Facebook and challenged their friends, tagging them with tags, for them to do the same).


As the TechCrunch put it very well, the Ice Bucket Challenge made video publishing on Facebook grow by around 50% at the peak of the meme. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe company with Riff, then, is very obvious: make it easier for other memes like this to appear directly on the platform.

Everything is very simple: there is no possibility to upload videos already recorded, edit, send links or comment. The idea is to record something and have your friends complement it with their recordings.

It is a creation of Facebook Creative Labs, responsible for the applications Paper, Slingshot, Mentions, Rooms and Facebook Groups; we'll see if it catches.