Riding into the wave of fully wireless headsets, Bose launches two new models

Riding into the wave of fully wireless headsets, Bose launches two new models

Like Jaybird, another giant has also decided to enter the world of fully wireless headsets. I speak of Bose, one of the biggest brands when it comes to audio, which has just launched two new models.

At this point in the championship, we can decree that the new “fashion” for wireless headsets is these little pieces of technology that have a charging case, helping them to survive longer hours, daily. And with Bose it wouldn't be any different: meet the SoundSport Free.

SoundSport Free

The new compact Bose Wireless In-Ear Earphone fits well in the ear and, as the name implies, has a greater focus on those who practice sports and exercise. As such, it is water resistant and works very well with both heavy sweating and under rain.

Regarding the continuous playback time, each handset can last up to five hours with the help of the charging case, they get another ten hours of playback.

SoundSport Free

With the official Bose app for iOS and Android, you can also access the feature Find My Buds in order to find the headphones if you lose them somewhere.

Headphones can connect to a device up to 9m apart, and you can call wizards from both systems: on iOS, Siri; On Android, Google Assistant just press the button on the right handset.

You can purchase SoundSport Free from $ 250 directly through its official website.

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Another novelty presented by Bose was the QuietComfort 35 II (QC35 II), a comfortable wireless headphone with all the features and performance of its predecessor (the QC35).

QuietComfort 35 II

Lasting 20 hours of continuous playback, it still has the same buttons as the QC35 ie options for changing the volume and a multifunctional button for both calling and calling the Siri / Google Assistant.

QuietComfort 35 II

Noise cancellation on this phone is even better: with the Bose app you can now choose if you want to turn it on (on), decrease it (low) or turn it off completely (Off).

QuietComfort 35 II is available for purchase by $ 350, also through its official website.

Bose Connect app icon

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