Richard Stallman says Valve games on LInux are unethical


The most critical point from Stallman's point of view is that Valve (obviously) won't leave the source code of the games open, more than that they are copyrighted. He abhors being the father of SL. In his blog he classified the insertion of closed source and paid source code programs in GNU / Linux as "antithetic".

"They deny freedom to their users. If You want freedom, one requirement for this is not to have non-free programs on your computer. "

But Stallman was adamant that the coming of proprietary software for Linux should leverage the system once and for all. That's good, he said.

"(This move) may encourage GNU / Linux users to install these games, and it may encourage game users to replace Windows with GNU / Linux. My guess is that the direct effect is well greater than the direct damage. But there is also an indirect effect: what does the use of these games teach people in our community? "

And what do you think about all this?