Richard Stallmam criticizes Apple

Richard Stallmam criticizes Apple

Once again Free Software's father pins proprietary platforms

After criticizing the games on Linux now it was Apple's turn.

Richard Stallman one of the greatest free software gurus and prophets from the 80's to our day. It is clear that a person like him seeks to spread, and above all replace, the proprietary software of companies like Apple or Microsoft for free. Stallman also asks not to be called a guru, preferring to be called an activist since guru can mean master.

Richard Stallman criticizes Apple Well, because this open source activist worldwide has stated that now that it seems that Microsoft is no longer so powerful, he has to be neglected, since Apple, though for many in the world, far more dangerous than Redmond's company.

– "Software that does not respect the freedom and social solidarity of the community makes us divided and powerless individuals, an injustice that we cannot study this software"Stallman points out, talking about the dangers that companies like Microsoft are responsible for introducing new technologies to people.

Richard has no cell phone because he considers it a device to spy on users, connects little Network and admits that never ever buy an iPod or anything that has to do with Cupertino.

– "It's nothing personal, but this company makes a big bad society and shouldn't existnotes Stallman, who not only attacks the company of Bill Gates:

– "A Apple meaner and far more restrictive than Microsoft, as it even limits the right to execute applications ", maintains the founder of GNU. "Apple creates digital handcuffs, makes people believe "cool" and chic to have their products and make marketing games so that it doesn't look wrong what it does ", he adds.

I personally think that Stallman is an amazing, very respectable person who has said nothing about Jobs' reality-distorting field and the company's product enthusiasts, who look more like tech zombies, but on occasion he is too extreme and seems a little bit. Paranoid. To be in favor of Free Software one thing, but to want companies like Microsoft or Apple to cease to be quite different. After all, what the market needs most competitively, so that the end user has more to choose from, be it free or private software.

And you, what do you think of Stalman's opinion?


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