REVIEW: Tokyo Atrio Smartband from Multilaser, a practical and simple gadget

REVIEW: Tokyo Atrio Smartband from Multilaser, a practical and simple gadget

The Tokyo Atrio smartband from Multilaser is the perfect companion for your day-to-day and physical activities

An smartband a technological accessory indispensable for any sportsman, or even for those users who wish to use a discreet, simple but full of features watch. Among the various models of the smartwatches line from Multilaser, the smartband Tokyo Atrio it stands out for its simple design, good battery life and features that meet the needs of sports enthusiasts and traditional users.


Simplicity the word that best defines the smartband Tokyo Atrio. Both the main piece and the bracelet come in black color with a simple curved design.

The main part of the device measures only 8 cm long and 4 wide, with the bracelet measuring 23 cm. This size is perfect for any type of wrist and guarantees comfort when using the smartband on a daily basis or for playing sports. Weighing only 20 grams, O Tokyo Atrio so small and discreet that you won't be surprised if you don't even realize you're wearing a smartband on your wrist.

REVIEW: Smartband Tokyo Atrio from Multilaser, a practical and simple gadget With a simple design, the Tokyo Atrio Smartband case comes with the bracelet, charger and manual

Water sports practitioner will find on smartband Tokyo Atrio a perfect accessory to use while in the water. The device is totally resistant to water and liquids in general (standard IP64), in addition to drying in a matter of moments after wetting. In addition, dripping water does not adhere to the small screen of the smartband, so the usability of the device is not impaired.


The smartband Tokyo Atrio it only has a single touch button at the bottom of the screen which, with just a light press of the fingertip, allows the user to view its main screen or the feature menus. To access each feature separately, press the button for 3 seconds and release.

While, on the one hand, the presence of a single button makes handling the smartband simpler, it limits the user to be able to access its features quickly, because if you have passed the Heart Monitor selection screen, for example, you you will have to tap several times until you return to this screen again.

REVIEW: Smartband Tokyo Atrio from Multilaser, a practical and simple gadget The small touch button below the screen allows you to browse the functions of the smartband

When remaining on the home screen with the clock being displayed or in one of the various menus, the display will be on for about 5 seconds and then turn off shortly thereafter. The advantage is that the touch button has the correct sensitivity calibration to not activate the screen incorrectly due to sudden movements or shocks of the user's wrist with objects.

The smartband bracelet Tokyo Atrio It is very comfortable, being made of a material of high strength and durability. Its size is suitable for any type of wrist width and when attaching the bracelet, it stays very firm on the wearer's wrist. Therefore, do not worry about the level of sport intensity you are practicing, as the smartband will not let go of your wrist.

The only discomfort the user may have in removing the centerpiece of the smartband to connect to the charger. It is very fixed on the rubber of the bracelet and I need a little outside to detach this part of the smartband. However, as both parts are very resistant, do not be afraid to force the part to load when necessary.


Features are items that are not lacking in Tokyo Atrio. To perform the initial configuration of the smartband and stop it with your smartphone, you need to download and install the app SW Atrio, available for Android and iOS (iPhone). Through the interface of this application you have complete control over the functions of the smartband.

SW Atrio app The SW Atrio app allows you to control smartband functions and check out some information

In addition to being able to check various features through the app, you can access many functions with just a touch directly on the smartband screen Tokyo Atrio:

  • Cardiac monitor: This is one of the most basic functions of any smartband. At Tokyo Atrio the device takes about 5 to 10 seconds to detect the user's heart rate.
  • Meters: the smartband calculates the total distance traveled by the user at all times, the number of steps taken (podometer) and the number of calories expended during the movements. These measures are restarted every 24 hours.
  • Find your smartphone: once the smartband is set up with the app on the smartphone, you can use this option to make your device vibrate anywhere. This makes it easier to locate your smartphone if you don't know where you left it.
  • Sedentary alert: You can set goals and create goals through the app SW Atrio so that the smartband Tokyo Atrio make alerts when you are putting aside your physical activities. This functionality is great for making sure that you keep a steady pace in your workouts.
  • Sleep monitoring: you can set up time bands for your sleep. In this way, the smartband alerts you when it is time to go to sleep and when you should wake up, maintaining a constant rhythm of hours of sleep.
  • Notification and reading of messages: Through the app you can configure which applications on your smartphone will have notifications on Tokyo Atrio. Any message notification appears on the device's screen, along with a brief vibration and almost all applications are compatible with the smartband. Therefore, you will always be notified.


Although technical information indicates that the smartband battery Tokyo Atrio can last up to 4 days, in our tests when using the connectivity features, the device remained in operation for a maximum of 2 days.

This difference may be due to the fact that we have adjusted the notification settings to alert you to any news on our smartphone, causing the smartband to vibrate with each new message or alert received. If the smartband was being used to just view its sports-related functions, the battery drain would be much less.

REVIEW: Smartband Tokyo Atrio from Multilaser, a practical and simple gadget Even when using the smartband constantly, the battery has a good lifespan

However, even with this difference in battery life, this was not an inconvenience, since it is possible to give the smartband a full charge in less than 1 hour. The only problem is that the charger cable is extremely short, so you need to leave the main part of the smartband connected on a table or in a place where the device is secure while charging.


Compared to other smartbands and the features it offers, the Tokyo Atrio gives Multilaser provides an optimal cost-benefit ratio. You can find the device in the main electronics stores in the market from R $ 185.00. a value very close to its competitors such as Xiaomi's Mi Band and the Samsung Galaxy Fit E.

tokyo atrio smartband With a great cost / benefit ratio, the Multilaser Tokyo Atrio Smartband is a good choice

Tokyo Atrio smartband technical specifications

Screen Resolution 0.96 ″ with 160 × 80 pixels
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
Weight 20 g
Bracelet 23.5 cm
Dimensions 4.7 × 1.8 × 1.2 cm

Tokyo Atrio Smartband

  • Design – 9/10
  • Functionalities – 8/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Drums – 8/10

8.5 / 10


With a simple design and basic functionalities, the Tokyo Atrio smartband is a perfect gadget for users who want a more discreet watch or for sportsmen who want a discreet device to accompany them in their physical activities. In addition, the price is compatible with similar devices from other more famous brands.


  • Light and comfortable;
  • Screen with good visibility.
  • Diversified amount of functionality.


  • Short charger cable,