REVIEW: The Last of Us: Part II is a brutal and remarkable experience on PS4

REVIEW: The Last of Us: Part II is a brutal and remarkable experience on PS4

Prepare your heart and live an engaging story with Ellie and other characters in The Last of Us: Part II

After some delays and problems with leaking information from the game, finally the continuation of the story of Joel and Ellie two characters marked by terror and devastation that the pandemic of a fungal virus caused to the world has a more than deserved continuation.

Sony provided a digital copy of The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 4 to Showmetech and, after more than 20 hours immersed in an engaging story and refined gameplay, we bring a complete analysis of the game, free of spoilers.

Thirst for revenge

Before everything The Last of Us Part II a story about revenge. Unlike the first game that mixed moments of hope and perseverance with terrifying and desperate passages, his successor focuses on revenge and the maxim of "doing justice with his own hands", as well as in all the nuance of feelings and consequences that this word is. your actions can carry.

Ellie pointing a gun in The Last of Us Part II The Last of Us Part II takes Ellie to her limit

In terms of narrative, the story of The Last of Us Part II worthy of a successful film script or a first-class literary work. Each passage fits in surprisingly, making all the different sequences of events that make up the game come together as a well-stitched patchwork and form a painting that you are thrilled to be able to observe completely.

All characters, even those with the shortest participation in the story, are well developed and as “human” as real people. The player will get deeply involved with each of the characters and this is perhaps the greatest asset of the game: stirring the player's emotion, since it will be difficult to deal with a storm of feelings in unexpected situations.

Ellie threatening character The game makes the player wonder how far you would go for revenge?

Not necessarily just with Ellie, but all the characters have so different facets that it is not surprising if the player is unable to root for a specific character to survive, or be able to complete his mission. They all have their qualities and their flaws, and a devastated and oppressive world has pushed them to the limit of their humanity.

While in the first game the zombies created by the infection of the Cordyceps had a greater prominence and the player needed to fight to survive the encounters with these creatures, in The Last of Us Part II they are nothing more than a well-set backdrop that creates the context of the whole story. You will encounter zombies and other types of fierce creatures, but they are not your real enemy. Perhaps, in the end, you are your own worst nightmare.

Ellie watching enemies - The Last of Us: Part II You always need to watch out for enemies around you, be they zombies or humans

Doing what needs to be done in The Last of Us: Part II

This time, it's not just the story that is bigger and denser, but the world of Joel and Ellie seems much bigger (and more dangerous too). The development of the plot remains completely linear, but now the world is more open for the player to explore it. Each piece of lost document or item is found in a parallel story that makes this reality so engaging and this world is a book waiting to be read.

Ellie swimming towards the hospital In The Last of Us Part 2, the world looks more alive and you can interact more with the environment

Since your resources are limited (even in the game's moderate mode), every combat situation inevitable would be for the player to investigate his surroundings. It is recommended to check each store, each house and any corner that you can sneak around to find items and manufacture the arsenal of equipment that you will need for the confrontations (be they with zombies or humans).

Furthermore, the world of The Last of Us Part II Not only is it more stunning to admire, but it also looks more alive than ever. The grass reacts to the movements of the characters, walls can be destroyed by some types of enemies and each corner can hide an item or a new story to discover. The seamless transition from cutscene to gameplay increases player immersion and only makes the game world more realistic and vibrant.

Ellie crawling in a ventilation duct You need to explore the entire environment to find out what is the best strategy to achieve your goal

Anyone who has had the opportunity to play the first game will feel at home with the weapon system, component manufacturing and skill acquisition. All the main mechanics remain the same, but in The Last of Us Part II they are more refined. Weapons have more realistic mechanics and enemy behavior is more unpredictable than ever.

The player must face three types of main enemies: the zombies, the military of the WLF (Washington Liberation Front) and the hunters of the cl Scars. Each type of adversary has different attack patterns and behaviors when they are alone or in a pack. In this way, the game moves to a more realistic approach to combat.

Ellie shooting from the ground The combat is more dynamic and realistic, so be careful with your enemies

It is not possible to simply attack enemies directly. A few shots or arrows are enough to knock them back and leave them vulnerable to attack. Therefore, more than ever, it is highly recommended that the player invest in a more stealthy approach and think of strategies to get rid of the dangers. However, never forget that fleeing is also a very valid option, depending on the situation in which you find yourself.

Although there are only a few moments, the player will have some encounters with more powerful enemies (similar to boss fights) in which you will need to come up with a good strategy to use your resources and the environment in your favor to get out alive. Puzzles also make their return, and there will be plenty of sequences in which you will have to think of ways to cross areas that seem blocked.

Ellie attacking an enemy Avoid hand-to-hand combat, as stealth is always the best strategy

Whether refined combat or even sequences involving puzzles, all of these elements are present in The Last of Us Part II in the right measure. Nothing seems exaggerated. Each encounter with enemies occurs at the right time in the plot and each puzzle resolution shows you that the world is not just a background in the game, but another enemy that you need to deal with.

Keep surviving, above all

Invariably the player will reach the end of the story The Last of Us: Part II with his emotional structure completely shaken. In the same way that the game deeply marks the characters, the player will leave this roller coaster of emotions with a tight heart, as if he had lived an experience with real people.

The Last of Us Part II it may be a story where revenge takes on a prominent role, but it is a story of survival, above all. The characters are fighting all the time, be it against zombies, humans, the world or even against themselves and their feelings. Struggling to overcome the external and internal terrors that devastated society and revealed the most cruel and brutal aspect of humanity.

“The Last of Us: Part II is a narrative experience unprecedented in the gaming universe. A journey that unites history and gameplay in a sublime and profound way. ”

Perhaps some cutscene sequences (short or long) that mix with moments when the player needs to interact with other characters or elements of the environment may seem exaggerated – or even unnecessary – when you see the overall picture of the game, but we can't just discard them. Each narrative element of The Last of Us: Part II it has its due importance and significance and, like a pear, if you modify a note or remove an instrument, the entire composition is destroyed.

After more than 20 hours of exploration, shots, escapes and a flurry of emotions, we can say without any doubt that The Last of Us: Part II a narrative experience unprecedented in the gaming universe. A journey that unites history and gameplay in a sublime and profound way.

Video Review

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The game will be released on June 19, and is available for pre-sale on Showmetech Store and on American.

The Last of Us Part II

  • Gameplay – 10/10
  • History – 9/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Visual – 10/10

9.5 / 10


The Last of Us Part II is a continuation of excellence for a story that was already impressive to be lived in just one game. The game expands the world and the lives of the characters and engages the player in a plot of revenge and survival that mixes a world rich in details with refined and realistic gameplay in a successful combination.


  • Deep and engaging story;

  • Realistic and refined combat;

  • An oppressive world, but stunning to be explored.


  • Some cutscene sequences and interaction are too long.