REVIEW: Sony WH-CH510 is the entry model with few extras and powerful sound

REVIEW: Sony WH-CH510 is the entry model with few extras and powerful sound

The Sony WH-CH510 saves on the extras of the most premium models to deliver Bluetooth 5.0, fast charging and powerful sound on an input device

THE Sony brought to Brazil more accessible options for the headphone market to complement its lines launched in 2019. Thinking about the less demanding public and who do not give up on-ear models, the company launched the WH-CH510, which comes equipped with bluetooth 5.0 and support Google Assistant and Crab.

However, is it worth investing in an input headphone? Is it worth saving the money to invest in a more premium model? That you check now.


At first contact, the headphone is very light, weighing only 132g, the navy blue color extends throughout your body leaving you with a very youthful appearance. Handling the WH-CH510In principle, the construction is essentially made of plastic, it can pass fragility, but during our tests it proved to be quite resistant to daily use.

Even though it is an entry model, technology Bluetooth 5.0 is present here. For this reason, the headphone has buttons to facilitate access to basic functions such as increasing / decreasing the volume, pausing / playing / advancing tracks. These buttons are located at the bottom on the right side of the phone, which makes the look more clean and easy access by the user.

WH-CH510 designThe WH-CH510 stands out for its lightness, weighing only 132g and stylish design

Different from the line Extra Bass, The entrance P2 stayed out of WH-CH510, repeating what happened to the previous generation of WH-CH. During our tests, the lack of this input was missing in some devices that do not have a bluetooth connection like the Nintendo Switch and PCs with older cards.

At acoustic insulation pads they are competent, but not as good as in the previous generation, making the user hear more noises than normal. They are supported on the ear and around them, but the company was concerned with comfort and put a softer material. I felt no discomfort during the long periods of use.


As it is an entry model, the WH-CH510 reproduces a sound of average quality for the most demanding, but still manages to be superior to competitors such as the JBL Tune500BT. The cost-benefit is always closely linked to the sound-oriented products of Sony and here is not different.

Taking into account its price, the frequencies are well distributed for all types of music, with some caveats. The bass is very present and impresses with the quality. Its mid-range and treble have been improved over the previous generation and the music has become brighter. However, when testing the WH-CH510 It is clear that we have an entry-level product, taking into account the lack of emphasis on the details of the songs and the slightly muffled sound in relation to more expensive headphones.

WH-CH510 noise insulation pads and constructionThe construction of the WH-CH510 is essentially plastic, which can feel fragile on first contact, however, proved to be very resistant to tests

Of course, this can be circumvented with good equalization and in that sense, the WH-CH510 impresses for being well balanced after a good stir in the frequencies. Music like bad guy by Billie Eilish and Dont Start Now gives Dua Lipa just an explosion of bass and grooves all effects and environments are present, but they could be better.

THE WH-CH510 ask for quality at maximum volume, there are distortions and some noise when required to show its full potential. However, during the tests, I did not need to increase it to the maximum that my smartphone allowed to have a satisfactory experience in noisy environments.

Battery and Connection

THE WH-CH510 very competent in the battery. According to the Sony, he able to deliver 35h of autonomy and this was proven during testing. Before I needed to charge the headphone, I needed a whole week of use, since I hear music more when I'm away from home. In addition, loading has a good speed, takes around 4 to 5 hours plugged into the outlet to reach 100%. However, accompanies the resource Quick Charge and with only a few minutes of charge capable of providing a few hours of clear playback, all because of the speed of USB-C integrated into the headphone.

WH-CH510 control boatsThe control buttons of the WH-CH510 are positioned on the right handset and are easily accessible to the user

The headphone connects via Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees a quality transmission without flaws or gagging, the range is also very good and there is only a cut in the transmission through walls or if the 10 meters away.

Microphone and Voice Assistant

THE WH-CH510 has support for assistants Crab and Google Assistant. With just two taps on the central button, the user can request commands such as sending messages, scheduling a reminder, making a call and many others.

USB-C port for charging the WH-CH510The USB-C port of the WH-CH510 guarantees fast charging and with just a few minutes of charging, you can get hours of playback

THE microphone the headphone's great setback, as it transmits the voice very muffled and far away. In places with a lot of noise, the situation gets worse and it is difficult for the person on the other side to understand what is being said. In such cases, the assistant will let you down by not understanding some voice commands.


The Headphone Sony WH-CH510 the headphone for those who want to spend little and do not want to give up a satisfactory sound quality. It is beautiful, stylish, comfortable and features Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can be a differentiator from its competitors. With balanced frequencies and a quality bass, the headphone is perfect for listening to the most diverse musical styles and will please the less demanding audience.

THE WH-XB700 is available in Black, White and Blue for R $ 299.00 at the official store Sony in Brazil.

Sony WH-CH510 technical specifications

Model WH-CH510
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0Codec: SBC, AAC
Drums 35 hours duration
Sound driver 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (441 kHz sampling)
Driver Size 30 mm
Color Blue, White, Black
Price R $ 299.00
  • Design – 8.5 / 10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Microphone – 5/10
  • Connectivity – 8/10
  • Drums – 10/10

8.1 / 10

Sony WH-CH510 the entry model with few extras and powerful sound

The Sony WH-CH510 saves on the extras of the most premium models to deliver Bluetooth 5.0, fast charging and powerful sound on an input device


  • 35h battery
  • Balanced sound
  • Lightweight with only 135g


  • Low quality microphone
  • High frequencies could be better