[review] Siegefall, a game that could be good, were it not for its bad structure

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In late June, Gameloft launched a new game within a formula that has been very successful, in which you must build your kingdom and fight against your enemies. In Siegefall you build your castle, your defenses and gather wealth, to grow more and more.

Who is from the time of Warcraft I, II and III on the PC (or even Age of Empires), will identify with the game, because the logic is more or less the same. This model won the mobile world with titles like Clash of Clans and its clones, which lead the lists of Top Profitable. And Gameloft also seems to want to grab a slice of this cake.

But Siegefall is a little bit different. Its internal purchasing formula is not as aggressive as the others, allowing you to play normally without having to pay any real money. The waits are not that long at first, but they increase as you progress through the game. If you take advantage of these breaks to do other things, you will be able to progress your kingdom well, while living the real life. This is the correct way to play this type of freemium, so as not to spend fortunes on it.

Your kingdom’s economy will depend on how much you are going to invest in producing wealth (gold, wood, stone and metal), as well as deposits to hold it all. This wealth will serve you to build buildings and strengthen your defense and attack, so the more you produce, the stronger you will become.


Gameloft also included in the game battle cards, which give very interesting extra powers, used in their attacks. There are the normal cards and the special ones, more expensive, but that do a bigger damage, like the Rain of Fire or the Dragon of Ice.


The quickest way to get riches is by attacking other realms, which can be those of the game (artificial intelligence) or realms of other real players. You have a map in which you see other players more or less the same level as you, to be attacked.

Siegefall_4 Siegefall_5 Siegefall_6

There are also the Heroes’ Chapters, in which you must win 25 levels and, in the last, you have the hero for you, who starts to fight on your side.


From time to time, a series of 10 challenges arises, in which you win good prizes if you manage to win them. They are accumulated in chests, which you can leave to open only when you need to, so that your enemies do not steal from you.

The problem

The game would have all the ingredients to be a great success, were it not for one thing: the constant connection errors that completely spoil the user experience. Gameloft decided to opt for a completely online game, which only works constantly connected to its servers. In a perfect world, it would be beautiful, but even EA has already figured out how to bet on this formula without having servers that support the stride.


Imagine the scene: you get ready to attack your enemy, with your best warriors, with the best cards. He goes into battle and is doing well, almost winning, when suddenly, a warning appears on the screen, out of nowhere, that you have lost your connection. All that game is canceled, and when you return to your kingdom, you discover that your warriors were lost in the battle, as well as your cards. Everything is lost and you have to start all over again.


If it happens once, you are upset. If two happen, you think the problem could be your NET is unstable. But when you realize that this happens 10 or 20 times a day, patience goes to the belligerent. Losing a battle over and over (beyond your resources) just because of a connection error that you know is not your fault, is too frustrating and ends any game, no matter how good it is. There is no point in spending millions on developing a title, if the server does not support the demand.

Siegefail Siegefail

In our opinion, Gameloft sinned for choosing to make a game entirely online, which ends the gameplay. In addition, it was not enough to be connected to the internet (making it impossible to play in situations such as on a plane trip, for example), on top of that there are problems with the servers that interrupt the game and constantly disconnect the user. And this is not just an iOS problem, as Android and Windows Phone users are also complaining about it a lot.

The game is interesting and would have a great chance of becoming addictive. But unfortunately we do not recommend installation, unless you want to be irritated by wasting your time. If you still want to try it, this is the link.