Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has slim design with warrior battery

The Galaxy Tab S5e delivers image, sound and a long battery life in a compact, lightweight format

The tablet market is no longer as exciting as it was a few years ago, when a war seemed to be taking shape along the lines of the dispute between smartphones. Even so Samsung continues to invest in the format and launched its new bet a few months ago in Brazil: the Galaxy Tab S5e.

The device has little official competition in Brazil, where other brands have practically abandoned the tablet segment Android, and even abroad the focus now seems to be concentrated on Chrome OS and in Windows 10.

Despite the situation, the company's tablet Samsung has an interesting list of features that positions it as a powerful multimedia center with the capacity to draw the attention of a generation obsessed with platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Netflix.


The two aspects of the design of the Galaxy Tab S5e that immediately catch the eye are the lightness and fineness of the device. With a mere 400g in weight and 5.5mm thick, the Galaxy Tab S5e pleasant to handle for long periods and fits easily into any bag or backpack.

The metallic silver finish gives the tablet a solid and refined look, despite the antenna lines visible on the back and sides of the device. The thin borders around the screen are visually appealing and contribute to immersing the user in the content, but also facilitate the registration of unintended touches.

Back of Galaxy Tab S5eBack of Galaxy Tab S5e

The tablet has only two physical buttons on the right side for volume control and on / off. The fingerprint sensor is located on the latter and, in my experience, this positioning proved to be somewhat problematic. It is difficult to use it when the tablet is supported on a table, for example, and even holding the device, you must raise your hand to reach the sensor with your index finger.

THE Samsung also offers facial recognition as an alternative form of biometric authentication, but the Galaxy Tab S5e it does not have components such as a dot projector and infrared camera that make this type of technology safe, so it is ideal to ignore it and use a PIN or password to protect the information on the tablet, in addition to the fingerprint.

On the left side the Galaxy Tab S5e contains a magnetic keyboard connector (sold separately), essential for use as a productivity device, especially in conjunction with the Samsung DeX.

Audio and Video

The lightness of Galaxy Tab S5e once again it becomes an asset when using it to watch videos, but in addition the tablet still has two outstanding features: the Super AMOLED screen of 10.5 ″ with Full HD resolution and four powerful speakers.

The 10.5 Super AMOLED screenThe 10.5 ″ Super AMOLED screen dominates the front of the Galaxy Tab S5e

THE Samsung opted for the elongated 16:10 aspect in display, against more square competitors like iPad Air (4: 3) and the Surface Go (3: 2). This format favors media consumption and makes S5e It is more comfortable to use horizontally than vertically, but it also means less space for productivity applications.

The tablet comes standardized with a very saturated color scheme that impresses, but it gets tiring quickly. To avoid fatigue, I recommend adjusting the color display to more natural tones in the device's settings. Another inconvenience is a slight delay in updating the screen when you slide your finger, especially when scrolling texts.

Despite this, the screen is excellent for media consumption, mainly films and videos thanks to the contrast, high brightness, deep blacks typical of OLED panels and striking colors.

The sound quality of the four speakers (tuned by the AKG, acquired by Samsung in 2016) is immediately evident when playing a video or music on the S5e. The sharpness and power of the audio fill the environment and immerse the user.


The tablet Samsung comes equipped with processor Snapdragon 670 Octa-core and 4 GB of RAM, which are sufficient for most basic tasks performed, such as browsing the Internet and streaming, but sometimes they choke under heavier processes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has 4 GB of RAM and Octa-Core processorThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has 4 GB of RAM and Octa-Core processor

It was common to see animations being perforated and a certain delay when opening certain applications (such as the Camera) or when dealing with a lot of content, such as my box full of e-mails, which came to drop unexpectedly the Gmail sometimes.

Although I am not a gamer, I tested the performance of Galaxy Tab S5e in titles like Alto’s Odyssey and Super Mario Run and the device did the job.

System and applications

Despite the efforts of Samsung, a One UI and the set of adaptations made in Android 9.0 by the manufacturer are not enough to compensate for the almost abandoned state of the platform Google on tablets, especially when compared to investments made by Apple with the line iPad and the new iPad OS.

It is possible to notice this lack of focus on the applications themselves Google: the interface Gmail slow, stutters every time an item selected in the side menu and constantly fights with One UI Dark Mode, using a dark background in the message panel and white in the menu (the Chrome does something similar).

Samsung DeX the mode Samsung DeX the Galaxy Tab S5e desktop mode

J o Google Drive it is just an expanded version of the smartphone interface, which is not just a waste of the ample space available on the Galaxy Tab S5e, as it makes the use less friendly. The same can be said of apps like Feedly, OneDrive and Slack.

Browsing the Internet is one of the strengths of the tablet, but sometimes compromised by websites that load versions for smartphone browsers, compressing the content and filling the screen with white spaces. This is something that also occurs on the iPad, but Apple promises to solve on the iPad OS.

THE Samsung deserves recognition for not polluting the system so much with embedded applications and allowing the exclusion of most of them, including their own, such as the browser and the email app. Among the third-party apps that came embedded, only OneDrive and Netflix cannot be uninstalled.

A function that the manufacturer could have left out Bixby. THE homescreen dedicated to the little relevant personal assistant and the resource doesn't even support audio commands in Portuguese at the moment.

Galaxy Tab S5e is only 5.5mm thickGalaxy Tab S5e is only 5.5mm thick

THE Samsung does not position the Tab S5e as a productivity center, but it included a physical connector for the keyboard (the official costs R $ 599, but it is possible to use Bluetooth generics) and the Samsung DeX, the company's “desktop” interface. In my tests the absence of a physical keyboard and support stylus make the tablet unsuitable for corporate activities.

It is possible to consult emails, documents and calendars, but the standard virtual keyboard is tight and uncomfortable for longer texts and the performance and features of the DeX pass away from a laptop with Windows 10 of similar value.


O Galaxy Tab S5e it has an impressive 7,040mAh battery, which basically means keeping it out of the socket for quite a while.

THE Samsung it estimates the duration in 15 hours of continuous use, but during my tests the device withstood at least two days of frequent use to surf the internet, watch videos on YouTube, read e-mails and listen to music before I have to plug it in.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e's battery lasts for days away from the plugThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e's battery lasts for days away from the plug

Charging is done via the USB-C socket on the base of the device and the manufacturer includes a 9.0 V adapter in the box. To further speed up the process, the Tab S5e has a fast charging mode that is activated by keeping the screen off.


O Galaxy Tab S5e it has a front camera of 8 MP for selfies and videoconferences and a rear camera of 13 MP (somewhat jump) with autofocus, without flash and capable of recording 4K videos at 30 FPS.

Despite the resolution, the images produced by the cameras are not very impressive even in bright environments, as they contain few details and low fidelity to colors.

Galaxy Tab S5e 13 MP cameraGalaxy Tab S5e 13 MP camera

The front camera is somewhat aggressive in smoothing out the elements, even with the “beautification” modes deactivated and requires firm hands, since most of my photos come out with some blur when the tablet was not supported on anything.

Overall, the camera on your phone is likely to take superior photos, so leave it off to use the camera's Tab S5e for video calls and when you don’t have your smartphone around.

Price and competition

THE Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab S5e on the official website for R $ 2,999.00, but it is now possible to find it for significantly lower prices on other sites, as in Magazine Luiza where R $ 2,069.00 is seen. In the Android tablets category, there is no similar alternative in price and quality in Brazil.

This value, however, puts the Tab S5e between the 6th generation iPad, which comes out at around R $ 1,600 in online stores and the 7th generation tablet that was announced by Apple last week for R $ 2,999.

Galaxy Tab S5e has 10.5 inch screenGalaxy Tab S5e has 10.5 inch screen

In this fight, the Tab S5e offers 64 GB against 32 GB of iPad and built-in 4G, lighter and has more speakers. However, the tablet Samsung does not have support for pens stylus, while Apple has support Apple Pencil, headphone jack, performance and superior cameras, operating system and an app store more adapted to this device format.

Whether or not, the Galaxy Tab S5e it also ends up competing with ultralight and / or convertible notebooks equipped with Windows 10, which is a better request if the physical keyboard is a key element for the user.


O Galaxy Tab S5e demonstrates the great capacity of Samsung to create products with a thin, light and attractive design, crammed with technology, such as a Full HD OLED screen, bold sound system, 4G connection by default and a warrior battery.

At the same time, the product ends up being compromised by performance bottlenecks and an ecosystem that did not develop as expected (the Google j abandoned tablets Android and now focus on Chrome OS as an operating system aimed at touch sensitive interfaces).

The best use case for the Tab S5e so that of a tablet for entertainment, which can be shared by the whole family at home and during trips, mainly for the consumption of films, TV series, music, games, viewing and (light) editing of photos, browsing the internet , reading, etc.

His quality is well above tablets Android offered by little known brands in the Brazilian market and its only competitor in fact the iPad (and possibly Chinese brands that can be imported into c).

Galaxy Tab S5e specifications

SpecificationsGalaxy Tab S5e
Dimensions and weight245.0 x 160.0 x 5.5400 grams
ProcessorSnapdragon 670 octa-core
RAM memory4GB
Screen10.5 ”Super Amoled2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) / 287 PPI
audio4 AKG Dolby Atmos speakers
Memory cardYes (at 512 GB)
Cameras13 MP with Auto Focus (rear) / 8 MP (front)
Video recording4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 30fps
DrumsUSB-C7,040 mAh (Fast charging)
ResourcesBluetoothGPS4GWi-Fi: 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4G + 5GHz
SensorsAccelerometerDigital Printing SensorGyroscopeGeo MagnticoHall Effect Sensor RGB Light Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5e

  • Design – 9/10
  • Audio and Video – 9/10
  • Performance – 7/10
  • System and applications – 6/10
  • Drums – 10/10
  • Cameras – 7/10
  • Price – 8/10


Prs and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e


  • Stylish design
  • Excellent sound and image
  • Long battery life
  • Super light and thin


  • Performance sometimes falls short
  • Android apps don't make good use of the tablet format
  • Does not support stylus
  • Cameras don't impress

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