REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra brings spectacular camera and screen

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra brings spectacular camera and screen

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra brings significant improvements in camera and screen, at a price that few can afford

THE Galaxy S20 Ultra gives Samsung arrived in Brazil on the last 11th with the mission of being one of the best smartphones on the market, whether competing with the tops of the ecosystem line Android, or with your main opponent, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

For this new launch, the Samsung decided to break the numerical sequence that identifies its high-end devices, showing the market that it is making a leap in technology and quality: from Galaxy S10 we went straight to S20, the model that marks the beginning of the new decade.

But, does all this hype translate into victory? THE Galaxy S20 Ultra even the top of the line to buy in 2020. Check out the analysis below:


Galaxy S20 Ultra on book on a tableThe display of the Galaxy S20 Ultra occupies almost the entire front area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe device

THE S20 Ultra a very well finished device, as expected from the line Galaxy S. The front and back of the smartphone are covered by glass panels Gorilla Glass 6, which have curved edges towards a metallic frame that surrounds the entire appliance, thus giving a refined appearance. The device can come in colors Cosmic Gray (gray) and Cosmic Black (black), visible only at the rear of the device, as the entire front is taken by the display, which advances to the edge of the edges. It is worth noting that this design, with the screen occupying practically the entire front of the device, has been making smartphones more and more similar when viewed from the front.

On the right side of the device we find the volume and lock / on / off keys, while the left side is completely smooth. At the top we find the single drawer for Sim Card and microSD card. At the bottom of the device, we find the speaker outputs and the USB-C port. The S20 Ultra is IP 68 certified, which provides resistance to dust and immersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

Galaxy S20 Ultra on book on a tableThe color of the device appears only on the rear, which includes the ledge formed by the set of cameras

A difference that existed between the Galaxy S line and the iPhone line was the presence of the 3.5 mm P2 connector for headphones. However, following the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung also removed the Galaxy S20's P2 connector. Now it is only possible to connect headphones with USB-C connection, or bluetooth headphones, such as Galaxy Buds +, and if you want to use your headset with P2 connection, you will need to use an adapter, not supplied with the device.

The set of cameras is an element that at the same time stands out for the quality of the image, and is different from the design of the device. A black block, with built-in cameras and flash, that appears to have simply been attached to the device, creating a noticeable bump on the back of the device. This bounce can be annoying, if you support the device on a surface and use it to type a message, it will swing due to the difference this block causes in the support of the device. You will want to put on a cover to compensate for this cam bounce, and perhaps it is the price to have one of the best camera sets on the market.

Cinema camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera system infographicS20 Ultra quad camera system.

Samsung worked so that the Galaxy S20 line cameras were the great differential for its consumers to switch devices, and the S20 Ultra took this differential to the extreme of performance and quality, with the most advanced camera system in the Brazilian market today. See how spectacular the daylight photos look:

Long shot of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de JaneiroThe photos taken in daylight have excellent quality, with great dynamic range

The main set has four lenses: a wide-angle lens 108MP, a telephoto 48MP, an ultra-wide 12MP and the lens DepthVision, which measures the distance between the device and the photographed object, which blurs the background and gives the effect of portrait mode. The front camera has a 40MP.

Portrait of a man with blurred backgroundThe blur in the background of the photos presents a more natural result with DepthVision, present in the S20 Ultra

DepthVision also serves to recognize environments in augmented reality and scan objects, using apps from Samsung. In addition, it helps to capture more light at night, which improves the quality of photos and videos

Daniela Mercury show photographed with the Galaxy S20 UltraThe Galaxy S20 Ultra manages to make excellent photographic records even in low light conditions

Cameras are capable of taking pictures and recording in 8K at 24 fps, in addition to having a powerful 1 / 1.33 ″ sensor (almost three times bigger than the S10), which captures more light and details. With a connection 5G, the smartphone is even capable of transmitting live with that quality.

Another interesting feature is SpaceZoom, which has the ability to approximate at 100x. This feature combines 10x optical zoom with Super Resolution Zoom, a digital approach method made with the aid of artificial intelligence in real time.

This feature is really useful and brings excellent photo opportunities, but the user takes advantage of the capacity up to 30x. Above that, more ‚Äúto play with‚ÄĚ and out of curiosity than the chance to take quality photos.

Image demonstrates zoom levels of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with Christ the RedeemerSpaceZoom has an incredible capacity of approaching up to 100x, however we noticed a result without loss of quality up to 30x

Speaking of spectacles, let's comment on the videos in 8K. As much as it is an incredible resource (and capacity), 8K is still a distant reality for us. that most TVs on the market today don't even have the ability to display videos at such a high resolution. In practice, recording at 8K will just consume more battery and smartphone memory.

J record on 4K, with 60fps, a more interesting and viable option. The video is defined, with bright colors and a white balance always adjusted. It is also possible, during a recording, to switch from the rear camera to the front. Thus, whoever is recording can include themselves in the videos dynamically.

Another feature you can use during recording real-time autofocus, which uses DepthVision lens technology to blur the background and give that ‚Äúportrait mode‚ÄĚOn the video.

Screen a spectacle for the eyes

Mo holds Galaxy S20 Ultra with Monument Valley 2 game on screen6.9-inch screen can work at 120 Hz refresh rate, for smoother system transitions, and better gameplay for gamers

Great highlight of Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Dynamic AMOLED screen has 6.9 inches with resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels, which almost completely occupy the front. The discrete edges resulting from an infinite screen effect.

The camera in style hole punch occupies a discreet space, increasing the useful area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe screen. The fingerprint sensor is located under the screen, an innovation that appeared in the Galaxy S10 line and is also present in the Note 10 line, in addition to the latest devices in the Galaxy A line.

Galaxy S20 Ultra screen highlighting the front cameraFront camera in style hole punch and minimal side edges ensure maximum use of the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen

Incidentally, as if size and resolution were not enough, the model still has the ability to run a refresh rate 120Hz. This feature allows smooth scrolling, with seamless screen transitions. The fast and accurate touch response also provides more responsive gameplay for gaming aficionados.

As this display mode consumes 10% more battery, according to the Samsung, and reduces the screen resolution to 1080 x 2300 pixels, the device comes in standard 60Hz mode. Thus, the user needs to access the smartphone's settings to choose the highest frequency mode. But believe me: a small sacrifice that is very worthwhile, this is possibly the best screen ever tested by Showmetech.

The user can configure other characteristics of the display, such as color profiles and light filters. In everyday use, the display is excellent at any angle and in any environmental condition, as expected from a top of the line Samsung.

Performance PC on a smartphone

THE S20 Ultra comes equipped with the processor Exynos 990, RAM memory from 12 to 16GB and internal storage from 128 to 512GB, with expansion of up to 1TB by means of microSD memory card. In the main smartphone performance benchmarks, the device passes all Android available on the market. In everyday use, what we perceive smooth operation, without gagging or delays, as expected from a phone high end.

Galaxy S20 Ultra with Android 10 written on the screenS20 Ultra comes equipped with Android 10, the latest version of Google's operating system

The smartphone brings the Android 10, the last version released by Google which has features like Dark Mode, which transforms the system and application interface to dark colors, and the Focused Mode, in which you temporarily disable applications that can create distractions, so you can focus on your productivity.

The S20 Ultra also features One UI 2, the system interface developed by Samsung, which adds more features to Android 10, such as screen recording and improvements to gesture navigation. An interesting feature that the S20 line offers Music Share, which allows music to be shared between devices by keeping only one connected to a sound system. The functionality, however, works only if the other devices are also running Android 10.

Another highlight of the S20 Ultra Bixby, the personal assistant of Samsung. To the line S20 (and other selected models from Samsung), it is capable of understanding Brazilian Portuguese, and its integration with third-party applications makes life easier for the smartphone user.

THE S20 Ultra It has 5G connectivity, that when you arrive in Brazil you will be able to transfer up to 10 gibabits per second (10 times faster than the current 4G). The modem, however, is not integrated into the processor, increasing power consumption and reducing the device's autonomy, a sore point in previous generations of the Galaxy S line.


Mo holds Galaxy S20 Ultra, with Netflix content on the screenS20 Ultra battery was designed to support the high performance of the device, and guarantees up to 2 days of charge

For great performance, a great battery. After years of criticism for the low autonomy of the Galaxy S line models, the Samsung installed on S20 Ultra a battery of 5,000 mAh, one of the largest in the smartphone market, to support all the device's features. Certainly it is a watershed for those who saw autonomy as an obstacle to purchase the Samsung smartphone.

According to the company, the S20 Ultra can stay up to two days away from the plug, but certainly the intensive use of the device reduces this mark. When we chose to use the 120Hz screen refresh rate, the battery lasted until the end of the day, but it would not be able to reach the next day. If the user is creating content in high definition, such as videos in 8K or even 4K, the battery will consume even faster than normal. And yet, when the 5G availability by telephone operators, it will also be another factor in reducing the autonomy of the device.

For such a large battery, charging needs to be compatible. It's the S20 Ultra comes equipped with 45W Super Fast Charging (fast charging that guarantees 70% charge in just half an hour), 15W Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 (fast wireless charging) and Wireless PowerShare (battery sharing, which works with other smartphones or wearables, like the Galaxy Buds, which support wireless charging).

Galaxy S20 and his little brothers, S20 and S20 +

Rear Galaxy S20 S20 +Galaxy S20 and S20 + are simpler options mainly in the camera system, but bring all the technology of the S20 Ultra

In addition to S20 Ultra, the new line of Samsung own the models S20 and S20 +. The biggest differences from the Ultra are the camera system, the size of the device and the screen, the capacity of the battery and, of course, the prices. We also tested these two models.

The camera specifications are the same in the S20 and in S20 +: the front camera of 10 MP and the rear are 12 MP (wide-angle, ultra-wide) and 64 MP (telephoto), however the S20 + add the sensor DepthVision present also in S20 Ultra. Cameras are capable of taking pictures in 8K and 4K and record in HDR10 +. The set has a 3x optical zoom, which combined with the 10x digital zoom achieves magnifications of up to 30x.

THE S20 has screen 6.2 inches it's the S20 + slightly larger, with 6.7 inches. Both support the refresh rate 120Hz. J battery capacity 4000mAh at the S20 and 4500mAh at the S20 +.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera moduleBetter photo and video quality is one of the main arguments when choosing a smartphone, and Samsung has taken seriously the creation of this incredible set of Galaxy S20 Ultra

THE S20 Ultra the best smartphone Android currently sold in Brazil. He and the other models in the line S20 show that the Samsung has undergone a huge evolution, compared to S10 and S10 + released in 2019.

THE Ultra in its name refers to several of its characteristics, from design to performance. And that includes your price. The model sold from R $ 7,999, a high value for most users. Worth the investment? Okay, if you can afford it. But the question remains, should a smartphone cost so much?

THE Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can be found in two versions: that of 128 GB storage and 12 GB RAM, in Cosmic gray color, R $ 7,999. J the version of 512 GB storage and 16 GB RAM, in Cosmic black, R $ 8,499.

Technical Specifications

Model Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Processor Exynos 990
Screen 6.9 ″ Display Dynamic AMOLED Quad HD PlusSupport for HDR10 + 120Hz refresh rate (240Hz touch sensor)
Main Camera Qudrupla Camera108MP, 1 / 1.33 ″, f / 1.8, .8m РWide-angle12MP, f / 2.2, 1.4m РUltra-wide48MP, f / 3.5, .8m РTelephoto Lens DepthVision (ToF) sensor
SpaceZoom 10x hybrid resolution (optical and digital) Super Resolution Zoom up to 100x
Main Camera (videos) 8K, 4K, Full HD, HD
Front Camera 40MP, f / 2.2, .7m, AF
RAM memory 12 or 16GB
Internal Storage 128 or 512GB
External Storage At 1TB
Water and dust resistance Yes, IP68 certification
audio Stereo sound (2 speakers)
USB-C input Yes
Drums 5000mAh
System Android 10 with One UI 2.0 interface
Colors Cosmic gray and cosmic black
Price 128 GB, in Cosmic gray (gray) – R $ 7,999 512 GB, in color Cosmic black – R $ 8,499