REVIEW: ROG Phone 2 is more than a great gamer smartphone

With 6,000mAh battery, the best technical specifications and a spectacular 120Hz screen, the ROG Phone 2 is also great for everyday use

THE ASUS and the Republic of Gamers (ROG) launched in Brazil, in October, the fastest smartphone in the world – so far. This is the ROG Phone 2, a model completely thought and developed for gamers more alive. But it is much more than a powerful gaming smartphone, and in this complete review you will find out everything we think about it.

Even with a gamer designer, the ROG Phone 2 is also for other types of usersEven with a gamer designer, the ROG Phone 2 is also for other types of users


It may seem like an exaggeration, but the market for games for mobile devices is the most profitable today. According to a survey conducted by NewZoo, a media company in statistics, the gaming industry currently has 45% of the total representing smartphones and tablets.

Research conducted by NewZo

With so much money moving this growing market, smartphone manufacturers started to produce phones with design, performance and accessories focused on games. THE ROG, Department of gaming gives ASUS, has already launched a generation of the model, and this new version promises to deliver the best mobile experience gaming already released.

To differentiate itself from high-end smartphones, the ROG Phone 2 equipped with a version of Snapdragon 855 focused on games, huge screen with 120Hz refresh rate, a giant battery to endure hours of gaming and an ecosystem of accessories that optimize the experience for the best.

But in addition to all this, the ROG Phone 2 It can also be a great option for anyone who is not a plant gamer but would like a cell phone that lasts at least 3 years without experiencing any performance problems.

Construction and design

The ROG Phone 2 has a robust construction and a designer characteristic of gamersThe ROG Phone 2 has a robust construction and a designer characteristic of gamers

The design of the ROG Phone 2 Perfect, but not made for everyone. The smartphone all built in glass Gorilla Glass 6 and metal on the sides. Its appearance is what we expect from a gamer product: on the back you find a linear polarization design, where the fixed lines pass through the entire body of the smartphone in a fixed way. In the middle of it is the Republic of Gamers in RGB LED – the same feeling as when you see your gamer setup all colored!

Still at the rear, you will find the two cameras and an air outlet for an external heat exchange with the interior of the device.

The rear features a very characteristic RGB LED logoThe rear features a very characteristic RGB LED logo

The smartphone also stands out on the front, going against the current trend of "the less the better". For example, the lower and upper edges are larger, but it prevents the ROG Phone 2 Have a notch, it facilitates the sound output, since it prevents the user from muffling while playing, besides minimizing accidental touches, which is a big problem in high-end smartphones with curved edges, etc.

The 19.5: 9 display format, which ended up making the ROG Phone 2 a little bit longer. But that is not a negative point: even if it is not possible to touch the other end of the phone vertically, horizontally it is easier to touch all the ends while playing.

19.5: 9 format makes it well-executed, but the footprint is very good19.5: 9 format makes it well-executed, but the footprint is very good

The grip is really very firm and good, despite the cell phone being heavy. Only 240 grams, one of the heaviest on the market today. Its weight is justified, however, by the giant 6,000mAh battery. During a common routine of use, the ROG Phone 2 he didn’t weigh his hands, nor did he bother during gambling.

Ports and connections

O ROG Phone 2 the only smartphone on the market equipped with three USB-C ports, two on the sides and one in the traditional location at the bottom. The reasons are noble and very welcome: if you are browsing normally and want to stop to recharge your cell phone, the traditional port is the most "correct" option. The other two doors are for when you are playing horizontally and need a load; just plug in a door and you are not disturbed by wires while playing. It is worth mentioning that one of these USB-C ports are dedicated for accessories ROG, which we will talk about later.

Continuing at the inputs, a 3.5mm headphone jack, located next to the USB-C port, could not be missing, and the volume and On / Off buttons are arranged on the right side.

Screen / Display

The display on the ROG Phone 2 has 120Hz and 1ms response timeThe display on the ROG Phone 2 has 120Hz and 1ms response time

The display of the ROG Phone 2 not revolutionary or innovative, but it does its job well within the category. It is 6.59 in size in 19.5: 9 format, 1ms response time and 120Hz refresh rate – a gamer's dream for any gaming monitor. The benefits of these numbers extend to smartphone screens: the shorter the response time, the more instant the execution of your command.

The 120Hz refresh rate improves both the games and the system's own navigation. Browse ROG Phone 2 it is an almost magical experience. You cannot see ghosts on the screen and the transitions are extremely smooth. In games, you guarantee more beautiful, smooth and mesmerizing graphics.

Transitions are smooth and you can't see ghostsTransitions are smooth and you can't see ghosts

Not only that. The smartphone features a touch screen sensor that works at 240Hz – for comparison, the new iPhone 11 bring 120Hz. In practice, coupled with the 1 millisecond response time, you have faster responses in online games, especially.

Regarding the quality of the screen, we cannot complain about the ROG Phone 2. The 6.59 inch has Full HD + resolution and AMOLED panel technology, displaying 391ppi in density and occupying about 80% of the front area. The screen supports HDR10 and has 108% DCI-P3 standard. Due to AMOLED, the intense contrast and blacks are really black, which helps in immersing yourself in multimedia content, for example.

The lack of a higher resolution was not missed, despite being very welcomeThe lack of a higher resolution was not missed, despite being very welcome

The brightness is also quite high, making it ideal for viewing even in bright sunlight. As it is a smartphone above the line tops, the ideal for such a large screen would be a resolution of at least 2K (Quad HD +). At first, it seemed that Full HD + would be a bigger problem, but in practice it was not possible to see pixels on the screen and the gaming experience was quite satisfactory.


The sound another department where the ROG Phone 2 surprised right away. It features two stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier, and both games and videos on the YouTube they are played with a power that I have never heard before on a smartphone.

It's not just the height, but its sound quality is worth noting. The bass is very strong and the sound is bright and clean even at full volume. O sample that we received for testing did not come with headphones in the box, but do not worry that the final version comes with a pair of good quality headphones, according to a quick survey. However, to have a more professional experience, it is worth opting for a more powerful headset.

Hardware and performance

The Plus version of Snapdragon 855 focused on games and artificial intelligenceThe Plus version of Snapdragon 855 focused on games and artificial intelligence

If you got here and thought “Wow, what a perfect smartphone”, you have never heard of its true differentiator: performance.

As expected, and tired of commenting throughout this review, it is equipped with the latest in hardware today: processor Snapdragon 855+, gives Qualcomm, a “turbo” version with a focus on games and artificial intelligence that is 15% faster in GPU compared to Snapdragon 855, 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM, UFS 3.0 storage and 512GB internal memory.

12GB of RAM is an exaggeration for a smartphone and most of the more “traditional” desktops have an average of 8GB. So why put so much RAM in such a "small" device? As I mentioned above, even if you are not a plant gamer, the ROG Phone 2 It is an excellent smartphone for everyday use, and that amount of RAM is the guarantee that nothing, but absolutely nothing, will stop for the next 3 or 4 years – that is if a revolution does not happen by then.

And the feeling of playing on ROG Phone 2? Simply exceptional. Every design, function, ergonomics was designed for that moment, and there is no smartphone on the market today that allows such satisfaction when playing games.

O ROG Phone 2 accompanies some unique and special features that greatly improve this feeling when playing. What stands out most are the AirTriggers, which are pressure sensitive trigger buttons located on the part where the index finger rests when in horizontal mode. That way, you have a very similar experience to a gamepad. According to ASUS / ROG, the new generation has improved latency, which has increased to 20ms, which improves accuracy in online games, where action is more instantaneous. In addition, it is possible to configure these buttons for each specific game.

AirTriggers boats are pressure and add trigger boats in gamesAirTriggers boats are pressure and add trigger boats in games

ROG Ecosystem

THE ASUS / ROG takes the concept of “Gamer device”, it's the ROG Phone 2 it was not released alone. In the smartphone box comes only the AeroActive Cooler II, an accessory that you plug into the side USB-C port, which serves as an extra fan to keep the ROG Phone 2 cooled while running games. The connection is made very easily and does not hinder gambling.

O ROG Kunai Gamepad a joystick that has two main functions: serve as a traditional joystick for smartphones; or attach to ROG Phone 2 to become a kind of Nintendo Switch. The gamepad can be connected via Bluetooth or also via USB-C, has an eight-hour battery and charges via USB-C. The sample we received for testing did not include these extra accessories.

New controller for ROG Phone 2 can be disassociated to become a kind of SwitchNew control for the ROG Phone 2 can be disassociated to become a kind of Switch (Reproduction: GeekCulture)

THE ASUS also developed the TwinView Dock II, which is practically a second screen to see extra information on games, view chats, etc. The screen is 6.6 inches in size and brings the same 120Hz response time. In addition, there is a 5,000mAh battery on the secondary screen and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Accessory adds a second screen to the smartphone, making it possible to view chats and other informationAccessory adds a second screen to the smartphone, making it possible to view chats and other information (Reproduction: GeekCulture)

Want to transform the ROG Phone 2 at a gaming station? O Mobile Desktop Dock do it for you. It allows you to connect your smartphone to a 4K 60Hz monitor, keyboard and mouse to play your cell phone titles (such as Free Fire, Cyber ​​Hunter, Call of Duty: Mobile)

You can connect your Dock to a 4K monitor and keyboard and mouseYou can connect your Dock to a 4K monitor and keyboard and mouse (Play: GeekCulture)

It is worth remembering that these accessories are not yet available in Brazil but their international page has shipping to the country.


The cameras ROG Phone 2 are the same as you find in Zenfone 6, with the exception of the rotary module. That is, the main camera has a sensor Sony IMX586 48MP and f / 1.8 aperture and the second a 13MP ultra wide angle (125) and f / 2.4 aperture. They are capable of recording video at 2160p at 30 / 60fps or 1080p at 240fps. The front has 24MP, f / 2.2 aperture and records 1080p video at 30fps.

If your hardware is superior to its competitors, we cannot say the same about the photographic set of the ROG Phone 2. When the results are bad, he makes good photos in good light conditions, the colors tend to be cooler and less saturated, but the final result is very pleasing.

Results are similar to those presented on Zenfone 6