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Review: Plantronics RIG gaming headset

Check out the review of the Plantronics RIG gaming headset, which features a mixer that allows you to use your console and cell phone at the same time, without complications and special features.

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The wave of online games and e-sports has everything in Brazil. Every day we see new teams of Crossfire, Smite, LOL, CS GO and Battlefield. Atat football teams, like Santos, are already investing in this area. And one of the essential accessories for those who play online, of course… a good one headset.

Here in Brazil, when it comes to gamer headset, some names need to be mentioned: Razer, Kingston and Logitech. But be aware that the market has other interesting options, such as the Plantronics RIG gaming headset. See below our review of it:

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As a Californian company with little activity in Brazil, the company Plantronics is not so well known here, nor does it have a strong representation. But the company's current shares show that it intends to change this reality and is working hard to do so.

THE Plantronicshas a product line aimed at the gamer audience, and we from Showmetech received the RIG Gamer Headset for testing. He stayed at our HQ for just over a month, long enough to test all of his capabilities.

Taking out of the (beautiful) box

The first impression when taking the box from RIG it couldn't be better. Because it is treated as a product “premium“, He has a wonderful presentation. Its beautiful and full of details box, like a velcro on the front, which allows you to see the phone without opening it.

RIG headset box (Reproduction / Julian Leno)RIG headset box (Reproduction / Julian Leno)

Other positive point for RIG it was the amount of accessories that came with it. Altogether, they are: omixer (we'll talk about it later), a cable with microphone to be used on the PC, another to be used on smartphones, also with microphone, but more discreet, a specific cable to connect it to the Xbox it is a RCA cable to use it on other consoles.

headset-rig-acessorios-smt-julian "width =" 720 "height =" 540 "class =" wp-image-99039 size-large "srcset =" /uploads//2015/08/headset-rig-acessorios-smt-julian-720x540.jpg 720w, acessorios-smt-julian-300x225.jpg 300w, 600w, https : // 1080w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 720px) 100vw , 720px "title =" Review: Plantronics 15 RIG gaming headset "src =" 720x540.jpg "/><span/><span/>There are several RIG Headset accessories</figure>
<p style=Because it has so many accessories, it initially seems complicated to install the handset with the mixer and use it. But, inside the box, the company included a well illustrated manual, which helps in the configuration of the device.

And, it is worth noting that everything “plug-and-play”. That is, when you connect it to the PC, the mixer now automatically controls the volume of the sound and the microphone works perfectly. In fact, he is recognized by Skype, which suggests leaving it as the default for calls.


Design and finishing

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<p style=O RIG one headset It is very beautiful, this is undeniable. I, in particular, didn’t really like headsets for being almost all ugly and gigantic, with a print of a pilot or a football narrator.

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<p style=How RIG, already different, although large as all headsetHe is so handsome, it makes you like to use him. Not to mention that it is very comfortable.

The model is all padded and covered with fabric. So, then it will not crumble over time or tear the sponge, as with other headphones. This finish provides exceptional comfort, allowing you to use it all day, without disturbing yourself.

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<p style=The phone everything is made of plastic and its adjustable cable has a fun indicator for regulation. Although beautiful, its all plastic construction made me worried. Their headphones are articulated and joined to the tiara, which can at some point break with greater effort.

Audio quality

"Will I blow my brains out if I set their volume to maximum?”Probably not, but the sound power of this phone is absurd! Its 40 mm drivers (the small earpiece speakers) emerge in a sound experience pica. The bass is absurdly strong and the other frequencies can also be perceived well. Not to mention sound insulation, which is satisfactory.

He brings 3 equalization modes that can be activated directly in the mixer: pure, intense and ssmic. O pure mode more balanced, while the intense intensifies the average frequencies and the ssmic brings the bass into your ear quite a bit.

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<p style=Despite being made of flexible plastic, the home phone boom does not allow you to adjust it to bring it closer to or away from your mouth, but it must be said that it does not need it. If you want, you can remove the microphone cable and exchange it for the smartphone cable, which also works on the PC and is more discreet.

Speaking of the PC microphone: It captures the voice very well, even whispers or the voice of someone next to you. The sound is very clean and clear, positive point, as it can be used to record voice for video gameplay with quality and not disappoint.

And the Mixer? What?

headset-rig-mixer-smt-julian "width =" 720 "height =" 560 "class =" wp-image-99037 size-large "srcset =" /uploads//2015/08/headset-rig-mixer-smt-julian-720x560.jpg 720w, mixer-smt-julian-300x233.jpg 300w, 600w, https : // 1080w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 720px) 100vw , 720px "title =" Review: Plantronics 21 RIG gaming headset "src =" 720x560.jpg "/><span/><span/>Here is the great thing about the RIG Headset: its mixer.</figure>
<p style=Here is the great RIG, which differentiates it from competitors and makes it much more attractive: mixer. It is a device that allows you to balance the volume of your PC with that of your cell phone, or of your console with your smartphone, to listen to both at the same time, or to switch between them using the same phone.

Let's assume that you are in an online game of Battlefield and the phone rings, your mom! And now? Online game does not pause and does not ignore me. this is where the mixer comes into play.

Being properly configured, with just a touch of the button to answer calls you answer and end the call and can go back to the sound of the game. Do I have to say this is wonderful?

What if you want to listen to music on your PC and watch a video on your phone? Can you, all at the same time ?! Yes, it is possible. The only one, however, is the learning curve to learn how to use the mixer, but I already said that there is a well illustrated manual in the box, right?

So, is it worth it?

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<p style=After our tests I would say it is worth it! If you just want a good headset to listen to music, there are other options on the market as well cheaper. But, remember thatRIG not just one headset, a tool to help increase productivity or your convenience when it comes to entertainment.

If you are a person who plays a lot, likes to record videos and looks for a headset with a good recording quality or divides your attention a lot between computer and cell phone, answering calls and listening to music, this headset to you. After all, there is nothing more boring than pausing your music to answer a call, much more interesting when you can leave your music in the background while talking to someone.

It is worth noting that the phone is very comfortable, has durable materials (except its body made of plastic), all covered in fabric, has excellent sound quality and excellent voice pickup, drawing attention wherever it goes.

It can be found by R$379.91, Only in Saraiva's website, or for R $ 299.00 at Mercado Livre (at your own risk), apart from these two options, only importing it through Amazon and is available in black or white with orange details.

For more information, also visit the Plantronics website.