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Review: Philips Zhirui Bedside, a smart lamp for an attractive price

Technology lovers are always looking for different types of gadgets to fill their home. If you are one of these people, this can be a very interesting device.

We recently reviewed Xiaomi's smart lamps that allow application-controlled, a very attractive solution for those who want to have control of the house in their palm. Philips also has a product line RGB LED smart and in this article i talk about the Philips Zhirui BedsideIt's one of the lamps in this family. This model is designed to work as a lamp or stand at the head of the bed and can be controlled intelligently. Check out the unboxing below.

Philips Zhirui Bedside Buy Link at Gearbest

Although not compatible with voice assistants like Google and Amazon, this lamp Philips presents some interesting points that should be highlighted. NOTE: You may have support soon as it has a built-in microphone or even the app would bring support.

In its package comes only a manual and the lamp body with a power supply USB type C. As it bivolt, simply plug the USB and plug into the socket to start using. Ahhhh, the connection pattern here is international and not ours, and an adapter is needed.


The lamp you checked for unboxing above came from China and we got it from Gearbest. For the online store of the site it is costing more or less R $ 280 in direct conversion, exact $ 69.99 out there.

The box is a bit wrinkled and reflects the Brazilian post office system, who buys many products over the internet must have seen something similar.

Modes of use

One of the biggest differentials of this lamp is WiFi It can be controlled intelligently and remotely, but it can also be controlled without a mobile app.

Although the manual comes in Chinese, it has a very useful part that describes all the manual modes of use that the lamp has.

The base is fixed and the upper body can be rotated, most of the handling features use this mobile part. In the video below I demonstrate the handling modes and then list them.

1 – One click on the top of the lamp to turn it on or off;

2 – Rotate the base to change the brightness intensity in color mode and change the color temperature in color mode;

3 – Press the button for 3 seconds to switch to bedside mode;

4 – Two clicks on the button to switch between color mode and white light mode;

5th – Hold the knob and rotate the base to change the color;


If you only want to use this gadget with hand controls, it will do your bid well but it has not been used to its full potential and that makes it more interesting. Its great advantage is that it can connect to the home router and be controlled intelligently and remotely. Like Xiaomi's Yeelight smart LED lamps, the Philips Zhirui also uses the app Mi Home gives chinese company. Installing the lamp, however, can be a bit tricky. In fact, the solution to install without any simple problems, but finding it is difficult.

When installing the Xiaomi app on your mobile phone, you must select the base region from which the app fetches information. If you choose a server in the United States, the amount of gadgets supported and the number of features will be less than if you use a server from Asia. By default, it is recommended that you use a Singapore server, which also does not bring Philips lamps as an option to connect them, you need to change to one you have, I chose Mainland China. As soon as I did that, the app came to recognize and everything went well. Watch the video above.

See our video review for installation details

The application

After making the above adjustment you have the possibility to control some functionality by the application, all possible modes and controls manually and some others.

Check out the features available by the app.

The smartest options are on and off scheduling, which allows you to schedule off next to bedtime and on when you want to wake up, get a visit, etc., it all depends on your use and your creativity.

You can make a weekly schedule by choosing which days and times it will turn off or off in the settings you choose.


THE Philips was one of the pioneers in launching RGB and intelligent lights for the home with the Hue and this should become a trend going forward. Changing colors in a space can create different environments and enables adaptation to each situation.


Control your home lighting through the app, voice control and even when you're away from home

If you are watching a movie, you can put a bluish light with little intensity, at a romantic dinner you can change to a warmer color, and so on according to your creativity. This is undoubtedly very interesting, even leaving her "blinking" at a party according to the sound.

As the Philips Zhirui was initially designed to stand by the bed or to act as a lamp in the room, its brightness intensity is not too great, 300 lmensIt is not designed to illuminate large rooms, it serves to change environments that have the other lights off.

The main problem with her is finding out that you need to choose a server that has Mi Home application compatibility, as the manual is in Chinese. Other than that, its more beautiful and well-finished design than the Xiaomi bedside model and the modes of use are very practical and simple to master. She fulfills her proposal very well.

Philips Zhirui Bedside Buy Link at Gearbest

Check out the most complete video we've done talking about the lamp and be sure to check out the smart Xiaomi lamps that also have video on the channel and an article here on the site.

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