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Review: Philips BT7500 Bluetooth Speaker

We recently tested the Philips BT7500 Speaker, model with Bluetooth, NFC and powerful sound. See the complete analysis …

review philips speaker BT7500B_12-IMS-en_BR

We recently tested the Philips BT7500 Speaker, model with technologies bluetooth, NFC and powerful sound. See the complete analysis below:


BT7500B_12-UPL-global-001The BT7500 combines with elegant environments and parties

THE Philips BT7500 it has straight and minimalist lines, making this box a discreet option for any environment. The use of quotation marks is intentional, since the size of the box prevents it from actually being discreet.

The front area is made up of a single, curved layer, without showing the internal divisions of the boxes, leaving only the Philips logo visible. At the top, we have the controls, with a rotating and metallic knob for setting the volume, which rotates infinitely (it has no mechanical beginning or end. In the rear area are located two bass radiators.

Philips Bluetooth BT7500


O Philips BT7500 connects to any smartphone, tablet or device with support for Bluetooth 4.0 connections or earlier. The available profiles are A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and the user can facilitate the initial configuration with the use of NFC technology: just touch the sensors NFC smartphone and BT7500, so that both recognize and configure themselves automatically. It is also possible to pair up to 3 devices at the same time, a feature called Multipair.

For those who depend on wired connections, being able to connect the BT7500 to any device with the P2 audio input / output (3.5mm, present in smartphones, computers, tablets and most traditional sound devices).

THE Philips also made available a USB port, but it is only for you to charge your gadgets while playing music in this speaker. She doesn't recognize pen drives or devices for playing music.


In general, the models of speakers available on the market are not so powerful. It is possible to find boxes of 3 to 6 watts, which are sufficient for a small environment, but do not work much when the user wants to use them for a party.

This Philips model, however, can handle the job, delivering 30 watts (30 W – 15 W x 2 RMS) of excellent sound quality. It has stereo speakers, which guarantee noise-free sound, even when the user selects the maximum volume. The bass is also very good. But, due to the lack of a manual equalizer, the quality of the sound will depend almost exclusively on how the music was recorded.

This makes Philips BT7500 a great option for parties, for use indoors or in environments such as swimming pools and barbecue grills.


a negative point of the product is the fact that it needs to be constantly connected to the electrical network, in contrast to the concept of portable speakers. That is, even if you do not need wires to connect the Philips BT7500 to an audio source, depend on them to keep it running. And that, of course, limits where you can use this speaker.

Price and Conclusion:

We found the Philips BT7500 sale in the country for R $ 659.00. The price is justified, since we are talking about a model with excellent sound quality, with good bass. That speaker it also has cool features, great performance and reproduces sounds without losing quality. The only negative point is the dependence on an energy source.

However, if mobility is not essential, it may be worth spending a little more

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