REVIEW: Overwatch for the Switch is another great addition to the console library

Get ready for many peak battles and confrontations wherever you are with Overwatch for Switch; check out the full review

After a lot of rumors and speculation, finally one of the most titles of the multiplayer genre in first person, Overwatch, arrives at Nintendo Switch. From the same successful series creators as Diablo and Warcraft, a Blizzard managed to bring all the heroes of this exciting and fun universe to the hybrid Nintendo console.

We had access to a personal copy of Overwatch to Nintendo Switch and, after a few days of intense gambling, we bring a complete analysis of how this multiplayer game that marked this generation was on the screen of the small (but powerful) console Nintendo!

Heroes never die!

Who knew that day would finally come? THE Blizzard, a company traditionally centered on the PC, broke its almost twenty-year hiatus of having a game on a Nintendo (how Starcraft, to Nintendo 64) when launching Diablo III last year. After making this verse a reality, rumors about Overwatch be the next title to reach the Switch started to win out.

Such as Blizzard was satisfied enough with Diablo’s performance, nothing more appropriate than bringing her popular Multiplayer FPS to Switch. As you can probably guess, this version is far from the ideal way to play Overwatch due to some performance problems in the Nintendo Switch, but the flexibility offered by it on a smaller device is nevertheless an attractive reason to choose this port.

For those who are not on the inside Overwatch (and probably lived under a rock or inside a cave), the game has and does not have a story. While in other media, such as comics and short films published online, there is a detailed look around this futuristic world, this story is not much explored in the game. Instead, it only serves as a background that you occasionally see in the lines and items of the characters.

Basically the history of Overwatch starts with Omnic Crisis, a revolt of AI powered machines that was suppressed by an international organization called Overwatch, composed of numerous heroes. After the revolution, the group dissolved, but 'recent' terrorist acts by an organization called Talon and the threat of a second Omnic Crisis spurred ex-heroes to take up their weapons again and save the world.

Genji, one of the main heroes in OverwatchGenji, one of the main heroes in Overwatch

Even though history is only an almost superfluous element in Overwatch, it serves as an inspiration to distinguish the excellent design of each character. THE Blizzard did a fantastic job of creating a subtle and complex story for all heroes that clearly differentiates them from each other.

The range of different characters that you can play on Overwatch impressive. This is a game in which you can play as a soldier with a powerful rifle or as a smiling hamster piloting a giant ball-shaped mechanism. There is a hero for just about any style of play you can imagine, from tanks, damage and support.

Hanzo, Genji's brother in historyHanzo, Genji's brother in history

Many heroes and many combat modes

One to consider Overwatch as just a simple multiplayer FPS is underestimating the game. Each hero has a specific skill set that is governed by cooldowns. That way, knowing how to read the terrain and predicting your opponents' strategies to find out when to use certain skills will make the difference between victory and defeat.

If you know how to use your supreme skill at the right time, your team will have many advantagesIf you know how to use your supreme skill at the right time, your team will have many advantages

In addition to the Battle Royale Mode, Overwatch it also has a collection of secondary modes in Arcade, where you can play a rotating selection of more experimental game types, in addition to seasonal content.

By the end of October, players will be able to test their skills in a defense match against an army of zombie robots in "Junkenstein's Revenge!". Best of all, if you participate or win multiple games in this special mode of the game you can win boxes with special themed items!

In Overwatch it does not matter the skin you use, but your ability with a characterIn Overwatch it does not matter the skin you use, but your ability with a character

Overwatch on Switch

As it is a modified version for the Nintendo Switch, many wonder how Overwatch withstand the humble hardware of Nintendo's hybrid console. The reality is that there are some limitations to the game, but unlike the PC version and other consoles, Overwatch runs on Switch 30 fixed FPS (both in portable and docked mode).

This drop in frame rate definitely felt, along with the simpler textures and character models. Even so, the Blizzard did a pretty solid job of keeping the experience consistent and smooth, without jeopardizing gameplay.

If you think the aim is not good with the Switch's analgesics, try enabling motion controls or use a Pro Controller

Loading at the beginning of a game takes some time, as the character models are briefly replaced by floating spheres, but otherwise, nothing is perceived that significantly affects the way you play. However, the drop to 30FPS combined with the limited displacement of the Switch's Joy-Cons analges makes targeting a little more difficult. An alternative solution to this problem is to use motion controls or choose a Pro Controller that has a much better command response.

Unfortunately this version of the game cannot be recommended if your goal is to play it only on TV. The performance is good, but considering that you can easily search for it on other platforms and get a better experience, it is worth investing in the version for consoles or PC.

Despite running at only 30 FPS, the game remains fluid and with good gameplayDespite running at only 30 FPS, the game remains fluid and with good gameplay

However, playing Overwatch in portable mode it proves to be a pleasant experience due to the easy access, allowing the player to take his matches and heroes wherever he wants. As long as there is Wi-Fi, you can play Overwatch anywhere and although it is not an ideal way to play (if you are looking for a more competitive experience) it is very difficult to overcome this level of easy access. The good news is that the Nintendo Switch Online is working very well together with the servers of Blizzard to provide departures without delays or disconnections.

One last negative point that needs to be mentioned about this version of the game (and that veterans of Overwatch you will certainly complain) that you must start again with a clean account when playing the game on the Switch. Even connecting your account Blizzard with this version of the game, your progress and items on other platforms will not be loaded on Switch. Say goodbye to chances of using your favorite skin or animation.

You know that your favorite character skin? Say goodbye to her in the Nintendo Switch version of the gameYou know that your favorite character skin? Say goodbye to her in the Nintendo Switch version of the game

Spike disputes on Nintendo Switch

The version of Overwatch to Nintendo Switch It is far from the best experience that the game of Blizzard can offer. Those who have not yet played it could easily purchase a version with better performance on other platforms. Even so, having the ability to play a game of Overwatch anywhere with the kind of flexibility offered by portability Switch not something to be underestimated.

Choose your favorite character and join the fight!Choose your favorite character and join the fight!

Furthermore, considering that Blizzard offers new content at all times for the game completely free of charge, it remains a good purchase on any platform for those who like a good fun, adrenaline and dispute between friends or other players.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition (Switch)



Despite some performance issues and the lack of connection between version accounts for other platforms, Overwatch is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch game library. Without news, the great advantage of this version is the ease of being able to play games with your friends and other players wherever you want.


  • Unique character designs;
  • High level of replayability.


  • Performance problems;
  • No connection to accounts on other platforms.

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