Review: MeuDome Touch is an essential accessory for your GoPro

Find out if MeuDome Touch, designed for underwater photography and filming with GoPro, is worthwhile

The domes (domes or dome, in Portuguese) are especially useful when capturing photos and videos underwater (aquarium effect). A very popular model within this category is the MyDome, developed for use with the GoPro steel camera – known worldwide. And today, in this analysis, you discover the main positive and negative points of the tool, which also accompanies a trigger:


Review: MeuDome Touch essential accessory for your GoProAcrylic used in the manufacture of the dome

Given the purpose of MyDome and other accessories in this segment, there is not much to go for when it comes to design. Here, we have a structure of 6 inches well finished that does not give space for doubts, a fundamental characteristic for those looking to enjoy underwater adventures. The trigger available in the version MyDome Touch makes handling easier.

Despite this, care must be taken with the dome itself, as it is made of acrylic and tends to scratch easily when handled incorrectly. If you don’t want filming full of spots, better think about where to keep your MyDome.

And speaking of handling, the accessory has simple and uncomplicated installation – In addition to being small and easy to carry in your backpack. In just three steps, the user can already enjoy the full potential of the product. Still, the manual could receive a little more attention: it is a pamphlet.

Performance and extras


There is no denying it: the photos taken between that division of water and the surface (aquarium effect) are always beautiful and exotic.

A feature that was lacking in this model was the presence of a sealing box more efficient. Although the GoPro is waterproof, its lens tends to get foggy or even come in contact with seawater after a while.


need to highlight the practicality brought by MyDome, which simply floats in the water and prevents the user from losing his equipment – in addition to ensuring the correct use of the tool.

Depending on the model of GoPro to be used – see the supported camera models in the next topic – reaching the camera shutter can be more difficult. And the trigger comes in.

Trigger allows firm grip and ease when capturing photos

Sold separately or in conjunction with the MyDome Touch, the trigger is a very welcome accessory, especially for those who prefer to capture photos to videos. Ergonomically positioned, it prevents the user from having to “guess” where the GoPro while you are swimming. In addition, the rubberized and textured support helps to keep the camera steady.

MyDome Touch technical specifications

Below, you can check the technical specifications of the MeuDome Touch:

Size6 inches
Dome MaterialAcrylic
Compatible camerasGoPro Hero +; GoPro Hero 3+; GoPro Hero 4; GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Black; GoPro Hero 7 White / Silver; GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Super Suit.
Weight300 g
Height17.5 cm
Width11 cm
ScrewsStainless steel
Included Items(1) 6 "MyDome Touch; (1) Keys for maintenance; (1) Buoy basto (gift); (1) Standard size security lock; (1) Cleaning kit; (1) Transport bag; (1) User and maintenance manual
Price (without trigger)R $ 297


My Dome Touch

For those who already like adventure photos and moments with GoPro, MeuDome Touch is not just a complement: it is essential, as it changes the way you take pictures with the steel camera in the water, giving a special charm to the photos and videos.

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