REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality

REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality

Loading the unusual 4.1.2 system, LG's SL9YG sound bar has an integrated voice assistant and can even be mounted on the wall

With audio systems getting more and more attention from gadget lovers, we can see the popularization of soundbars (or sound bars) as an example of technology contributing to the simplification of equipment. While in home theaters we depend on several speakers strategically positioned by the room with precise cabling, today it is possible to have a single bar with unified speakers (and a subwoofer) to get the job done.

Bringing refined design and cinema quality into the home, the LG Sound Bar SL9YG It is one of the best models of the manufacturer available on the market. In addition, it is still a speaker intelligent, which answers voice commands with Google Assistant. Check out the detailed review of this product below.


THE elegant and sophisticated soft bar blends well with the profile of current smart TVs, with a brushed steel appearance and touch-sensitive controls. In front, there is the volume indicator and the multi-function text area, which indicates the type of connection and the selected profile, for example.

REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality The front display facilitates the visualization of the profile change and the selection of entries, which can be done directly by the remote control

At the top we have more detailed information: in addition to the two front indicators, there are also the on / off, play / pause controls, mute the microphone, open the voice assistant and the Function key. Also at the top is a discreet cover that hides the USB connection, yet easily accessible.

It is worth remembering that the Remote Control a practical addition, serving as a shortcut to audio profiles and equalization effects, in addition to having a built-in microphone to call the Google Assistant. Another utility is the “Night” mode, which removes the bass without losing the quality of medium and high, for when you don't want to disturb those who live with you (or your neighbor).

Sound quality

THE LG SL9YG uses a speaker configuration 4.1.2 channels, with two speakers pointing upwards, two front and two side. Only 500W built-in amplifier, a decoding system Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, high resolution audio (192 kHz / 24 bits) and there is still the option of adding a pair of rear speakers (to the viewer's couch) for a 6.1.2 system.

REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality Whether in games or music clips, the speaker delivers audio in a very high definition

Sound is guaranteed Meridian quality, as LG already does in other sound equipment, as we checked on the XBOOM Go PK7. When watching videos, watching the news or a series via streaming, it is noted that the dialogues are clear (medium and high), but with a blockbuster with standard support Dolby Atmos that we notice the real power of the sound bar.

The technology of Dolby currently one of the loudest on the market, bringing a 360 degree sound effect even on this compact soundbar. The bass pulled by the subwoofer, like explosions, punches and the car engine, are spectacular. Hits of rock, pop and electronics also do not disappoint, regardless of the range and equalization.

Configuration and assembly

Be supported on the table or mounted vertically on the wall, the soundbar intelligently recognizes the mounting position through an integrated gyroscope, and configures the speakers accordingly. While the side speakers (surround) maintain their channels, the front and vertical speakers alternate their functions in a very curious way, taking advantage of the sound reflection in the room objects.

Instead of you simply rotating the SL9YG anti-clockwise (as if the front speakers were facing the ceiling), the solution when placing it on the wall is another: the front speakers are pointed down, bouncing on the floor, then on the ceiling and yes reaching your ears.

SL9YG Sound bar guidance When changing the orientation of the SL9YG, it recognizes that the top speakers are facing forward and the front speakers now become the “ceiling” speakers

The clarity of details, in this case, depends on the surface that is under their. If it is a rug, for example, the audio may be slightly absorbed; if it is a smooth surface, the answer comes better.

Different from the robust SoundPlate, launched by LG in an attempt to replace the home theater in 2014 (today it remembers a lot with what became the “soundbar”), SL9YG may be more suitable for those who already have the TV installed on the wall. The 122 cm wide and 14 cm deep make it difficult to position it near the base of a television (depending on the model), or other equipment that takes up space on a piece of furniture. Detail: it is about the width of a 55 inch TV.


The list of connections is quite extensive: h Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth 5.0, input HDMI audio, an output HDMI ARC and the entrance ptica. HDMI inputs allow 4K / 60fps image streaming (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision) and HDMI ARC (short for Audio Return Channel) TV. We miss the support for the standard HDMI 2.1 with bandwidth for transmissions in 8K and consequently to the standard eARC, than a higher-capacity version of HDMI ARC.

The connection to the subwoofer is made wirelessly, it is only necessary to connect it to an electrical outlet to operate. The pairing worked automatically, without any major problems and without losing the connection even after weeks of use.

LG SL9YG inputs The soundbar has inputs and outputs that do not disappoint, but could be more updated to the current standard of quality (Disclosure)

If you do not have a specifically HDMI audio output on your TV, simply connect all the devices you want on it (such as video game and Blu-Ray player) and plug in the LG SL9YG via optical input on the TV at the cost of no longer having the Dolby Atmos function, not supported with that input.

When connected wirelessly via the TV's Bluetooth, a small delay in relation to the image, which unfortunately is still common in speakers of this type, even when dealing with a product of very high quality. For audio coming from cell phones or Wi-Fi (the Spotify, for example, recognizes the SL9YG without any problems) the reproduction happens perfectly.

In summary, with the vast list of connections, the soundbar becomes a great and practical additional speaker that works intuitively, housing the most popular types of wired or wireless gadgets.

Special Features

The smart soundbar, as it works similarly to the Google Home, following the Google Assistant voice commands. Just ask questions or give commands to your smart home's integrated devices that it recognizes without a hitch. Speaking of the American giant, another “partnership” is the integration with Chromecast, with support for the Cast button. This makes it possible to send videos and music from smartphones and navigation tabs from Google Chrome to the device, in a practical way via Wi-Fi.

However, when connected via optical cable TV, the voice command “Ok, Google” is disabled while the TV is on, which is not the case if the connection is Bluetooth. So there is this minimal "sacrifice" of depending on your type of connection to dictate when the voice assistant will or will not work

REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality The wireless connection to the smartphone reinforces the idea that this could be your new central audio entertainment hub

As we mentioned when talking about the configuration, the soundbar sound is also released to the ceiling (or to the floor, with a rebound on the ceiling) and this surround technology precisely one of the SL9YG's strengths with the systems Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. While Dolby's appeared a few years ago in movie theaters (and soon arrived in the living room), DTS: X technology is more familiar to those with receivers and amplifiers at home. It is curious that both are competitors, so here you have the “best of both worlds”, in a single product.

Even if there is no support for HDR10 +, it still has the passage of HDR/Dolby Vision for the TV. That is, the image arrives in vivid, mega-realistic colors and with a brightness of up to 10,000 nits on your television. The difference, compared to the HDR10 + (another standard of High Dynamic Range, or high dynamic range), is that Dolby's technology can support 10x more than the brightness of HDR.

Another interesting feature to connect to the app LG WiFi Speaker, the manufacturer's Wi-Fi player for Android and iOS, which also acts as a joint application for configuring the soundbar. sad, however, to note that LG did not include this soundbar in its main connected home (IoT) and artificial intelligence app, the LG ThinQ.


THE LG Sound Bar SL9YG rene performance, elegance and practicality in a single set. The model fits well in compact environments and offers great power and sound quality. The bass pulled by the subwoofer is spectacular. Even better if you combine it with an LG smart TV, like the OLED C9.

The inclusion of Google Assistant makes this sound bar smarter, even though the company has made some strange decisions: the absence of eARC and HDR10 + puts the sound bar at a small disadvantage compared to the competition.

When installing the LG SL9YG preferably horizontally, in front of your TV, the resulting performance will certainly please with a large and dynamic sound stage. The sound has a very present body at the front, which is to be expected given the absence of rear speakers. Although there is no dedicated center speaker, there is clarity in the dialogues in films and series.

REVIEW: LG Sound Bar SL9YG unites elegance, power and practicality

The soundbar (or sound bar) sold for about R $ 3,499.99 on the Submarine. If we consider that it is a system 4.1.2 Complete, assembled in a sound bar (and a subwoofer), with excellent sound quality, we see a practical way to understand the cost-benefit of the product. The overall performance of LG Soundbar SL9YG It is excellent, with detailed and accurate audio quality, which works well with TV, movies and music. We recommend!

Technical Specifications

Model LG Sound Bar SL9YG
Dimensions Bar: 122 x 5.7 x 14.5 Subwoofer: 22.1 x 39 x 31.2
Weight Bar: 6.12KgSubwoofer: 7.8Kg
Connections USBHDMI 2.0 In / OutBluetooth 5.0ptico InWi-Fi
Feed him 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
Accessories Remote ControlCable Cable BatteriesWall Mount
Reproduction MP3; WAV; FLAC; OGGDTS X; DTS Digital Surround DTS-HD Master; DTS-HD High ResolutionDolby Atmos; Dolby DigitalAAC / AAC + Hi-Res 24bit / 192kHz

LG Sound Bar SL9YG

  • Design – 9/10
  • Connections – 8/10
  • Audio quality – 10/10
  • Smart features – 9/10


LG Sound Bar SL9YG

The speaker has excellent performance, elegant and practical for compact environments. By the cost-benefit ratio when thinking about a 4.2.1 system, we see that the absence of eARC and HDR10 + puts it just a little below competitors, but it is still very worth it.


  • Sleek design, perfect for compact environments
  • Google Assistant integrated
  • HDR / Dolby Vision Passthrough
  • Extensive list of connections


  • Absence of eARC and HDR10 +
  • Vertical orientation can compromise the upper channels