Review: LG K41S maintains exemplary construction, bringing little news

Review: LG K41S maintains exemplary construction, bringing little news

LG K41s stands out for its construction with military certification and the quadruple set of cameras at the rear, however it does not present other differentials in relation to its predecessors

THE K41S the most basic cell phone of LG's K line in 2020, composed of the models K51S and K61. To win the pocket of less demanding users, the smartphone has some differentials from its predecessors, such as HD + screen and military resistance, but it stands out for its quadruple set of cameras at the rear with artificial intelligence.

If the K41S a good evolution of the K40S? We received the device from LG for testing and, after almost a month of a lot of gambling, photos and videos on YouTube, you can see what everything we think of the smartphone.

Body and design

All the latest smartphones from LG have a common feature that is very welcome today: durability. The construction of K41S certified by the military standard MIL-STD 810G, meaning that it has undergone rigorous durability tests and subjected to extreme temperatures and shock.

That is, despite being a body made entirely of plastic, its firm and not at all slippery grip gives a feeling of rigidity. It is worth remembering that this certification does not make it unbreakable or waterproof; it just takes more blows than other competitor models but does not carry any certification against water or dust.

LG K41s designThe design of the LG K41S is very sober and discreet, the ideal option for those who like the footprint of the brand's smartphones

J the look of K41S follows the identity of the K line: the edges are rounded and the cameras are arranged horizontally with the fingerprint reader below. On the left side, the LG kept the button dedicated to Google Assistant below the volume buttons, while the left side brings only the chip and memory card drawer, in addition to the On / Off button.

The version we received for testing was black and there is nothing to complain about: if you like a sober and discreet cell phone, by far the ideal option. In addition, there are variants in the colors titanium, which adds very nice reflective tones, and white.

Unlike its predecessor, the LG finally equipped the K41S with an entry USB-C, which promises to speed up loading and speed up data transfer. The speaker is still mono, but the manufacturer has kept the dear 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microphone for noise cancellation.

Review: LG K41S maintains exemplary construction, bringing little newsSwitching from micro USB to super USB-C is welcome to speed up smartphone charging

Screen and multimedia

Regarding the screen, the K41S kept the panel IPS LCD and the resolution HD + of its predecessor, but increased the screen size to 6.55 inches and stretched a little bit, going from 19: 9 for 20: 9. This means that viewing content, especially on videos on YouTube, is more enjoyable and close to movie screens.

In addition, traditional technology FullVision gives LG it has excellent viewing angles and a color fidelity that is pleasing to the eye. Although the panel IPS do not produce contrasts as deep as a AMOLED, The K41S stands out for its high brightness.

LG K41s IPS screenThe LG K41S 'IPS LCD Screen provides eye-pleasing colors, but the limitation of HD + resolution is uncomfortable when displaying multimedia content

However, there is in fact a limitation in resolving HD + which, combined with a giant display, makes it possible to see the pixels on the screen. The lack of resolution is slightly offset on other points, but the K41S has not evolved so much in relation to K40S.

The mono speaker of the K41S it offers the same sound quality as the old models of the K line: loud, but does not produce a good bass and has distortions when at maximum volume. The highlight is the experience with headphones, since it comes with exclusive technology DTS: X 3D in 7.1 channels. In our tests, the function provided us immersed 360 even with simpler headphones.

Hardware and software

Another point that the K41S did not evolve in relation to its predecessor was in performance. The smartphone equipped with the same chip Helio P22 gives MediaTek, one octa-core running the 2 GHz. He works with 3 GB RAM memory and 32 GB internal storage with support for memory cards up to 2 TB.

Announced in 2018, the Helio P22 no longer stands out as much when it comes to multitasking: transitions in simple apps, like Facebook, Instagram and Google Chrome, happen a little dragged and usually present some gagging something that did not happen with line K12, launched in 2019 and equipped with the same processor.

When it comes to gaming, the 650 MHz PowerVR GR8320 GPU does not handle many screen graphics and titles like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Asphault 9 they had to rotate the graphics at least to get something acceptable. J simpler games like Yu-Gi-Oh! Dual Links, Subway Surfers and candy Crush averaged between 25 to 30 fps. It would be much more advantageous if LG equip the K41Sat least with the Helio P35, the same chip present in K51S and K61.

LG K41s performanceLG K41S gaming performance disappoints with crashes and low FPS for more competitive games

However, it is worth mentioning that the MediaTek was one of the first in the market to bring artificial intelligence resources to more basic cell phones, operating in several sectors such as cameras, battery management and performance.

THE K41S leaves the factory with the operating system Android 9.0 Pie and, as of the date of publication of this review, it had not yet been updated to Android 10. The proprietary interface of LG is very different from the old versions, with more cones clean, smooth transitions and improved response time. In addition, the company finally included the darling dark mode, as well as a function that hides the notch, in case you have not got used to the bounce on the edge of the screen.


The main highlight of the K41S its quad set of cameras at the rear, led by a main sensor of 13 MP. The others are: ultrawide from 5 MP, macro of 2 MP and depth of 2 MP. In our tests, the photos with the main camera in outdoor and well lit environments were very pleasing. Combined with AI CAM, which identifies different scenarios and improves colors, we had well-balanced saturation, sharpness and white balance.

The Super Wide Angle (ultrawide) camera is only 5 MP It is not impressive, but ideal for recording moments of family or landscapes. In this mode, however, the noises are more noticeable and the colors are not as vivid as the main one, besides having a lot of distortion at the edges.

The smartphone's third sensor has a macro lens that serves for close-up images. As you would expect from a resolution of just 2 MP, the images have very little detail and the noise is tremendous. In more challenging scenarios, it is more advantageous to use the main camera to photograph closer objects.