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Review: iUSBport, the USB that your iGadget was missing

Turn and move some cool project on Kickstarter, the biggest platform for financing creative projects that always gets prominence here on . Today's review item created by Sanho, the iUSBport already commented by us at the time of its launch.

The accessory is an incredible adapter that transforms any USB device (external HDDs, pendrives, memory card readers, among others) into a wireless server, without the need for any other connection and capable of sharing files with any iGadget, Mac, PC, or Android. In addition, the device also allows connection via FTP / SMB / uPnP / DLNA, can make backups and synchronize the information of your USB storage items with cloud services, such as Dropbox.


The device comes in an acrylic box, with a USB cable used to recharge its battery whose autonomy is up to five hours and a small manual, in English. For a complete recharge, iUSBport requires about four hours on the power supply of iPads or a Mac, and any other device can be used for recharging (the time varies according to the power of the port). It is worth mentioning that it is possible to use the gadget and charge it at the same time, since the ports for connection and recharge are different.

The iUSBport really small and light. Measuring 75x58x22mm and weighing just over 100g, it is a perfect accessory to carry in your backpack, bag or even in your pants pocket. In its plastic structure (of good quality), two small indicative LEDs show the Wi-Fi connection (IEEE 802.11b / g / n standard) and the load. A display shows information about devices connected via USB and about networks. A DC connection for recharging the battery (with a capacity of 2,600mAh) and an on / off button complete the device.

Its use is very easy. Once loaded, simply connect any USB storage item, search for the iUSBport network that is visible and can be selected by your device and, in your internet browser, enter the URL http: // usb. If you prefer a native app, an iPad version is available for free download from the App Store.

iUSBport 2

If you want to connect to the internet and the device at the same time, just click on the settings button shown on the page, mark that you want to connect to known networks, type and repeat the password and that's it. Your device's IP address will appear on the small display.

iUSBport iOS

In mode ad hoc, without the need for internet connection, the name of your network can be changed as well as it may require a password and / or be hidden. In the configuration field, it is still possible to reset / restart the device, safely remove it and check information related to the firmware, which is upgradeable.

The device allows the connection of up to eight devices at the same time for music, photos and documents, even if a different file is viewed on each device. For movies, iUSBport supports up to three devices accessing HD files (High Definition) simultaneously, being the perfect solution for you who like / want to upload a lot of films but have a iGadget with 16GB capacity, for example. In the case of documents, books and photos, the app allows you to copy movies and music to your device, just viewing. Remember that iUSBport is compatible with the following file formats: FAT32, NTFS, HFS, HFS +, exFAT and EXT 2/3/4.

iUSBport and HD

IUSBport has two colors (black and white) and is priced at US $ 100, plus shipping and taxes.

Recommend buying? Yes, without a doubt! Other manufacturers produce external HDDs and storage tools that offer something similar, but few accessories today are as versatile, easy to set up and interesting as iUSBport.


  • Size.
  • Practicality.
  • Versatility.

  • Tax amount paid by the IRS.
  • Lack of an app for iPhones (only available for iPads).

My grade: 5/5