Review: Intelbras Izy Speak! take Alexa anywhere in your home

The Intelbras IZY Speak! comes to bring mobility and convenience personal assistant from Amazon

THE Intelbras It is a Brazilian company known for its solutions in telephony and security, and it is entering the market for devices for the connected home. One of his most recent launches the smart speaker IZY Speak!, which brings the virtual assistant Alexa, gives Amazon, in a portable set with a modern design. Its internal battery and IPX4 certification that accepts water splashes enable the speaker for external use. Showmetech tested the Brazilian smart speaker, and tells you what the impressions were.


THE IZY Speak! a speaker in the shape of a cylindrical tower, which allows it to be easily accommodated in places with little space, such as a bedside table. Its elegant and discreet design, blending well with home environments. With the proposal of being portable, due to the battery and IPX4 certification, the smart speaker would deserve a more robust construction.

Construction of IZY Speak! Stylish device design, but materials could be better

The device is visually well finished, but the choice of materials gives the appearance of a cheaper product. The top and bottom of the IZY Speak! they are made of rigid plastic with a matte finish, which can be easily marked when in contact with other objects. The body of the device is wrapped in a perforated metal screen, painted in matte black, which gives the impression that it would easily corrode in contact with moisture, and is easily marked by the fingers. As it is metallic, it runs the risk of small knocks leaving the screen with dent marks.

At the top of IZY Speak! we find the boat panel, all covered in rubber, and wrapped in an LED ring that lights up when using the Alexa. On this panel, we find the microphones, LEDs, battery charge and operating mode, and the following buttons:

  • On / off and operating mode, where you switch between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Auxiliary;
  • Turn up the volume;
  • Lower the volume;
  • Microphone / WPS, where we can turn the microphone on and off, and access the Wi-Fi settings;
  • Voice assistant, which activates Alexa but you can activate it just by speaking Alexa.
Boats from IZY Speak! IZY Speak! has five boats on the upper face

At the back, at the top of the speaker, we find the micro USB connections for charging the battery, and the auxiliary input (P2). They are covered by an impractical rubber tongue: it is too big, and during loading it hangs open. The position of the connections could be at the bottom of the device, so the cables would not be hung during use. Still on the back side, the seam of the wire mesh causes a flattening of the cylinder, impairing the look.

Connections from IZY Speak! Rubber cap protects the micro USB and P2 ports, but could be smaller

The device comes with an instruction manual, USB charger 5 volts and 2.4 amps, and micro USB cable. But don't expect the cable to be enough for you to leave the IZY Speak! always plugged in: as it is short (less than 60 cm), if you want to leave it on the desk it will be necessary to use an extension cord, or else purchase a longer USB cable.

Configuring with the IZY Speak App

To start using the IZY Speak! in Wi-Fi mode, you need to do the initial setup on your smartphone via the app IZY Speak, available for Android and iOS (iPhone). To configure, simply follow the instructions on the screen to add a new device. During the initial setup of the smart speaker, it is necessary to disconnect your smartphone from the wi-fi network and connect to a wi-fi network created by the speaker itself. Once the connection is complete, you can proceed with the device settings, such as enabling your Amazon to use voice commands with the Alexa.

IZY Speak app IZY Speak app displays information from your smart speaker

Within the app, you can control the music for your speaker from a variety of sources, such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, and even your smartphone's memory. The app is also capable of showing the speaker battery level, operating mode and volume control. Among the settings, you can change the device name, view information and select Alexa's language.

IZY Speak app In the IZY Speak app it is possible to access various music streaming services

Alexa, come on?

With the configuration done, we have all the functionality of the Alexa that we found on the devices Amazon Echo. It is possible to include skills that will add functionality to your IZY Speak!, how to listen to music on Spotify, listen to the reading of books from your library Kindle or play with the questions and answers of the Corn Show. However, it is not possible to listen to music from the YouTube, because there is no connectivity through skills but the Bluetooth connection comes to the rescue, as we will see below. If you already have an Amazon account with skills, they will be triggered normally by IZY Speak !.

Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa comes ready to use, just connect your Amazon account

A great advantage of IZY Speak! in relation to Amazon models, you can take Alexa anywhere in your home, as the 2400 mAH battery guarantees 4 hours of content playback. Thus, you can take it to the garden, balcony, or charge through the rooms of the house, just be connected to the internet.

Sound quality

THE IZY Speak! can play music through connected apps Alexa, and also via Bluetooth and auxiliary cable (P2). It has a single 5W RMS speaker, which propagates the sound in 360 through the metallic screen. The sound of the honest speaker, serving well for interactions with Alexa, but it leaves something to be desired for music. The sound has low frequencies, and as the volume increases, the voices start to become muffled, and the beats are at the limit of distortion.

The bluetooth connection is made in a simple way, however it uses the standard 2.1 implemented in 2007, currently there is specification 5.2. The sound quality remains the same as that experienced via wi-fi, but during our tests we realized that when someone passed between the smartphone and the IZY Speak! that were no more than 2 meters apart from each other, there were cuts in the transmission.

The transmission via the auxiliary cable also maintained the sound quality, but we missed the supply of the P2 cable for connection.


THE IZY Speak! comes as an option to give mobility Alexa, without being attached to an electrical outlet. Its battery guarantees a few hours of music, but at the price of a sound quality that could be better.

it is possible to use the IZY Speak! how to control your connected home? Certainly, but for that it must be plugged into the outlet at all times, which weighs the position of the micro USB port, which could have been better thought out. If you don't mind mobility, you might want to consider an Echo Dot, which brings better sound quality at a lower price.

Position of the IZY Speak cable! Position of the cable on the uncomfortable top, and the cable supplied with IZY Speak! I enjoy

Now, if you are looking for a smart speaker, which can lead to Alexa for any environment with wi-fi and can play music via bluetooth anywhere that does not have wi-fi you can buy IZY Speak!, which is being sold to R $ 549 on the Americanas website, with delivery throughout Brazil.

Intelbras IZY Speak!

  • Design – 8/10
  • Connectivity – 9/10
  • Sound quality – 6/10
  • Accessories – 7/10

7.5 / 10


Intelbras IZY Speak! gives Alexa mobility and practicality, but the sound quality leaves us wanting more.


  • Battery guarantees 4 hours away from outlet
  • Easy wi-fi setup with the IZY Speak app
  • All the convenience of Alexa is present in the device
  • Discreet design matches most environments


  • Loudspeaker plays in sound quality
  • USB port position leaves the cord hanging while charging
  • Short USB cable included

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