Review: Intelbras EVC 300 is a portable and complete video conferencing system

Review: Intelbras EVC 300 is a portable and complete video conferencing system

The Intelbras device focuses on practicality and offers everything I need for a professional videoconference, but is it worth the investment?

The Brazilian Intelbras, known for manufacturing security solutions, networks and telecommunications, has just launched a complete video conferencing system in Brazil, the EVC 300. Compatible with virtually any computer Windows, Linux or Mac, The device does not require the installation of no software to work and still serves as a speaker.

Next, you check the review complete that we did the Intelbras EVC 300, where we address the main pros and cons of the device, as well as answer the question: is it worth investing in a video call system in times of pandemic and Home Office?

Design and Construction

Intelbras-EVC-300-Design-1EVC 300 design concentrates camera, microphone and speaker in one piece

The first thing to understand about the company's video conference Intelbras that this is not a simple webcambut with a complete video call system for that, it has a camera wide angle (capable of capturing a much broader scene than a webcam), microphone with noise reduction and an integrated speaker, with volume controls on the device itself, it is worth mentioning.

The arrangement of these elements is even easy to understand: at the top of the device, there are the volume controls for the speakers, the microphone and the Hi-Fi function all sensitive to touch, worth mentioning. Just below the camera, in turn, a manual adjustment allows you to control the vertical slope the lens.

Intebras-EVC-300-Design-3Touch-sensitive buttons on the top of the device allow you to control the volume and turn off the microphone

As far as the general appearance of the device is concerned, it is possible that it does not EVC 300 large, about the size of a can of chips, or a wine claw, as you prefer. The size, although it sounds exaggerated, ideal so that the device is positioned well above a table and is able to capture, both on video and on audio, the maximum number of people in the environment.

Despite its size, it is worth mentioning that the device is light (425g) and its format helps in transport, since it has no moving parts or connected to some type of exchange, as with some other systems for video calls. This feature, by the way, counts a lot in favor of EVC 300, since it is a single cylinder concentrating the camera, microphones and speakers, there's that yarn mess linking one thing to another.

Intelbras-EVC-300-Design-2Device needs a cable to connect to the PC

Incidentally, a mess of wires is just not there: the device only needs a cable to connect to the computer. The bad part of this cable, however, is that besides being relatively short (1.5 meter), the tip that connects to the type device mini-USB it is an outdated connection and should not be confused with micro-USB or USB-C, standards already known in smartphones Android.

In short, the single cable offers practicality and a clean look to the EVC 300, but in case you need to install the device far computer or need to replace the cable someday, you may encounter some difficulty, since the mini-USB cable is not found so easily.

Videoconference: quality and functions

Intelbras-EVC-300-Videoconference-Quality-and-Funes-1System has a 2.1 megapixel camera and records images in Full HD

When it comes to testing what really matters, that is, the quality of the audio and video captured by EVC 300, as well as the features it offers for video calls, the point that stands out the most is the ease of installing and installing the device: due to the device being plug-n-play, it installs the necessary drivers itself as soon as it is connected for the first time.

In other words, the user does not have to download anything to the Intelbras EVC 300 work. Just plug in, wait for the installation to start automatically and ready, your video conference system can now be used. For this to work, however, it is necessary to be using a computer with Windows (7 or higher), Linux or Mac (OS X 10.10 or higher).

After installation, the comp cameracompatible with any video call service (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Google Meet and others). In fact, even to use the Intelbras device as a camera even on Windows, for example, this can be done by opening the Camera application and, if your PC already has a webcam, by tapping the camera change icon, so that the EVC 300 be activated.

Installation-EVC-300-IntelbrasJust plug the device into your computer's USB port and it will automatically install

When using the EVC 300 as Skype it's the zoom, I noticed that the image quality is satisfactory, however, not surprising: the camera of the device has 2.1 megapixels and can record in full HDStill, do not think that the quality of video calls will be superior to that of a smartphone on the contrary.

Here, the goal is to provide everything you will need for a group video conference, and not necessarily one with high quality transmission. Incidentally, in this matter of the groups that the EVC 300 more than an ordinary webcam: as the camera is a wide angle, it captures a broad setting, allowing several people to appear in the image without having to pile up.

As for the audio, in turn, the sound picked up by the microphones is also not surprising for its quality, but clear and loud enough to be understood, even when the speaker is listening. distant the device. To be heard well, however, it is important to speak in the direction of EVC 300 this because suppression of noises It is quite efficient and drowns out most sounds that come from the back or sides of the device.

We tested the EVC 300 on Skype and Zoom, click on the images to enlarge:

That is, even if the device captures even the voice of those who are far away, it is important to speak towards him to be well heard.

Still in terms of usability, the only factor that really bothered me when using the Intelbras was the absence of a Remote Control: considering that the device seems to have been designed with a focus on practicality, one would expect such an accessory. Unfortunately, every time you want to adjust the volume of calls or disable the microphone, for example, having to go to the device (or the connected computer) to make this adjustment.

Hi-Fi function

Intelbras-EVC-300-Funo-HiFI-1The middle button activates the Hi-Fi function, which allows you to turn the EVC 300 into a speaker

THE Hi-Fi function what gives a card up its sleeve to Intelbras EVC 300. Contrary to what it seems, the purpose of the functionality has nothing to do with improving call quality, since it is a plug-n-play device and does not require any adjustment to work. In fact, this function turns the system into a PC speaker that most competing devices do not offer.

By activating the function, the fidelity of the sound emitted by the speaker improves considerably and allows you to enjoy quality music, videos and movies. I need to make it clear that the function don't replace it is a sound system, not least because it is a single speaker and it is not that loud, however it is a function that can be convenient, especially if the speakers on your computer are not so competent.

In addition, when activating the Hi-Fi function, the microphone automatically disabled, which does not make the function useful for calls, just for media consumption.

Worth it?

Intelbras-EVC 300-Videoconference-USBDevice from Intelbras is well aware of the competition, but do you need one?

Whether due to image quality or the features it offers, the videoconferencing system EVC 300 gives Intelbras an option in the mean available on the market. Still, the most important question to be answered: are you need of such a system?

As explained above, the EVC 300 it has a different proposal than a webcam, so it should not be compared to one, nor bought if one meets your needs. This type of device is suitable for those who do professional videoconferences often and you need a camera that captures many people at once.

If this is your case, the EVC 300 a good choice, as it has a design and cabling that facilitates transportation and installation, a plug-n-play system (just connect and use), records the images in Full HD (1080p), capable of capturing up to six people in the same environment, due to the wide-angle camera, and it also serves as a speaker, which can be useful in presentations.

Your only defect do not have a remote control to adjust the volume or disable the microphone at a distance.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a system just to boost your video calls in home office, the most suitable to invest in a good webcam. Although none offers a package as complete as the Intelbras, does not justify investing the approximate R $ 2,499 charged by the device if you do not need absolutely everything it offers.

But what about you, enjoyed our review of the videoconference system EVC 300 gives Intelbras? Remember that you can leave your opinion and interact with us in the comments field below!

REVIEW: Intelbras EVC 300 videoconferencing system


Product Name: Video conferencing system Intelbras EVC 300

Product Description: Device from Intelbras rene in one device all the tools necessary for conducting professional videoconferences

  • Design and Construction – 9.5 / 10
  • Video quality – 8/10
  • Audio quality – 9/10
  • Usability – 10/10

9.1 / 10

REVIEW: Intelbras EVC 300 videoconferencing system

The Intelbras device provides all the tools necessary for professional videoconferences in one device.


  • Unique piece construction facilitates the transport of the device;
  • Plug-n-Play: just plug and use, the drivers are installed automatically;
  • Hi-Fi function also allows you to use the system as a speaker;
  • Single wire also facilitates the installation of the device;
  • Efficient external noise reduction.


  • Does not include remote control for volume adjustment and microphone distance;
  • Uses mini-USB connection.