REVIEW: In Dreams (PS4), your imagination comes to life

REVIEW: In Dreams (PS4), your imagination comes to life

Embark on the fascinating universe of Dreams and create, share, explore and play everything that the imagination of games has to offer

Dreams it was an ambitious project by the company Media Molecule, which was revealed during the E3 2015 at the conference Sony. Many spectators (like me, who was covering the event in one of the first rows) were delighted and full of doubts about the potential of this game. Dreams' proposal seemed simply impressive: to allow the player to create anything that came from his imagination. From l to c, the game stayed a long time in tests in the Early Access of PS4, showing users everything that this gigantic dream simulator was capable of offering. And now, that we can finally give wings to our imagination with Dreams, we are dazzled!

In Dreams, everything you can imagine is possible to be created!In Dreams, everything you can imagine is possible to be created!

O Showmetech had access to a copy of Dreams to Playstation 4 and, after a few days playing with the game’s tools and getting to know the fantastic creations of other players, we bring a complete analysis of how the game innovates the world of electronic entertainment by placing in the user’s hands a complete and intuitive simulator that lets him create, model, test and play any idea that comes to your mind!

How much does it cost to dream?

If we could describe Dreams in one word, it would be ‚Äúfantastic‚ÄĚ! In essence, the whole pioneering vision of playing, creating and sharing game content and entertainment coined with the series Little Big Planet is in the heart of Dreams. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the cartoonistic and simplistic look of the franchise Tearaway it also inspired artists to create the environments and basic tools of Dreams. However, to describe this impressive creation by Media Molecule as just a game to underestimate what was achieved in this work. Dreams much more than that.

Just like in the Little Big Planet series, Dreams offers several tools for the player to unleash their creativityJust like in the Little Big Planet series, Dreams offers several tools for the player to unleash their creativity

In Dreams, you can create almost anything imaginable. Using the set of tools at your disposal you can create your own levels, animations, films, sculptures, paintings, music and more. It may seem like a cliché to say that, but in Dreams, the limit to what can really be created is your own imagination.

We cannot expect less from Media Molecule. When we think about the types of things that could be done in the series games Little Big Planet with the sympathetic Sackboy, not to be impressed by the giant leap in creativity that the company made with Dreams. While in Little Big Planet you spent work to create a more elaborate element, in Dreams this object is probably already one of the dozens of built-in tools that you can insert into your creation at any time.

The game has several The game has several ‚Äúsamples‚ÄĚ with games created by Media Molecule that show their full potential for creation

Working with all the tools that Dreams offers a learning process that lets the player's imagination emerge. Starting in a completely blank scene, you will open the simplified menu to examine your options and, the first time, it will be natural to be lost in the face of so many possibilities. After all, where to start? Fortunately, the game comes with several impressively detailed tutorials, covering everything from basic actions to the most complex mechanisms.

Each tutorial is a complete lesson, guiding you how to sculpt simple shapes, create music, build logic and more. It is a highly recommended part of Dreams that the player needs to complete in order to enjoy the universe that the game offers in his hands. Using some tools is probably not as intuitive as you might think, but before you let your creativity run wild, you need all the help you can get.

Be it a painting, sculpture, game or animation, there are no limits to what you can build in the gameBe it a painting, sculpture, game or animation, there are no limits to what you can build in the game

Fortunately, with a little practice, you'll soon be smoothly navigating through the creation of Dreams! Spend time learning to manipulate this box of wonders that the game rewards you with useful skills to create increasingly elaborate games and scenes. It is an indescribable experience of gratification overcoming some obstacles and creating a functional game that you can try and say is yours. I have not yet reached the level of composing more complex music and animations, but I am already able to create a simple scene with a detailed scenario and a character with my own gameplay mechanics!

To make the creation process more intuitive, Dreams offers different control modes to the player: you can use the motion sensor of the Dualshock 4 or just buttons and directional paints. In addition, if you have the PS Move, it will also be possible to bring your creations to life with these controls. In the end, I felt more comfortable using the Dualshock 4's motion sensor and a few buttons. Something that can make the experience a little frustrating and too dense at first is the amount of options on each menu, and the small text with its descriptions does not help. It takes a little while to get used to the game's options and where they are located.

Dreams offers intuitive tutorials that allow you to learn from the most basic to the most complex conceptsDreams offers intuitive tutorials that allow you to learn from the most basic to the most complex concepts

Furthermore, navigating three-dimensional space can be tricky, especially since your Imp (a small ball that serves as a cursor and that you can customize) very likely to deflect your movement. You can centralize it at any time for better control, but even that goes against the fluid nature of the game. Despite small problems, the presentation and usability of something so complex are impressive. In every game that manages to offer so much to the player and yet be able to teach him how to work so clearly.

Giving wings to your imagination

As impressive as the tools that Dreams offers the user, part of what makes the title so special is its focus on community and collaboration. After all, what's the use of creating a fun game or creating a beautiful work if you don't have someone to show it to? When someone publishes something on the Dreamiverse – an online platform that stores all users' creations – it is available for everyone to enjoy and use.

DreamShaping's way of creating and editing offers several tools for you to turn your dreams into realityDreamShaping's way of creating and editing offers several tools for you to turn your dreams into reality

For example, imagine that you are building a city and need a pine tree to place in the central square. You can make your own version, but it is likely that someone has already made this object. That way, you just have to search among the items made available by other users, and quickly place them in your city, making the whole process faster. This object library is a valuable resource for beginning players. I myself used several objects created by other users when I tried to build a race track for my character.

Despite this, Dreamiverse is much more than pine or other elements of scenery. In addition to DreamShaping, where you create, there is the DreamSurfing, where you can play, listen, test and even give your opinion on thousands of creations in the community. With so many things to see and do, Media Molecule created categories to facilitate quick access to the most recent content, most popular dreams, creations that your friends liked or even the developers' choices. addictive and extremely fun to go through all the content produced by other players.

In DreamSurfing you can search for anything you want within the gigantic universe of creations from DreamsIn DreamSurfing you can search for anything you want within the gigantic universe of creations from Dreams

The variety and quality of what has been produced by the community so far is impressive. Whether it's highly detailed sculptures or well-executed interactive experiences, there is an almost endless amount of creations to explore. Unfortunately, not everything will be in that pattern. But this is inevitable when working with creations made by such a large community of players.

Incredibly, so far, the largest amount of content created by other players on Dreams is related to versions of famous games from Nintendo how Mario and Zelda. Some are as good as the originals and others are freaks that only serve to get a laugh from the player. In addition, Dreams 'focus is not on the quality of its users' creations, but rather on providing a new medium through which people can express themselves.

Believe me: this English café was created using the tools of Dreams!Believe me: this English café was created using the tools of Dreams!

One of the best features of this multiplayer aspect of Dreams is how positive it is to your community. Even in the most basic creations, you can find comments supporting and encouraging the creator, and this welcoming attitude can be seen everywhere in the community. The social features are perfectly integrated, making the game an incredibly positive space for you to express your creativity any way you want.

If you were curious about the power of Dreams tools, Media Molecule produced a story called Art’s Dream, a mandatory game for any Dreams player. He tells the story of a musician who fell out with his bandmates and takes the player on a self-reflective journey through Art's mind. It's only a few hours, but make sure you have all the features of the stadium. The final sequence of the game, in which Art meets with his band to play, is impressive in its audio-visual quality.

Certainly this game has a touch a little darker than the usual production of the stadium, but the intelligence and emotion emerge from this musical adventure. It has a bit of everything: point n ’click, platform and shooting sections, action, fantasy, science-science, in short, a collection of mechanics to demonstrate the potential of creating Dreams! It is impressive how a content made entirely within the universe of Dreams can have a quality so superior to other games made by large companies.

Dreams: endless dreams

Dreams is a combination of several elements that, surprisingly, created a recipe for success: extremely powerful tools to create what goes through your head; a social network of strange and wonderful creations; and a friendly community ready to embrace what you share in it. It is also a beautiful example of the developer who tells a great story to introduce the user to his game. What Media Molecule has accomplished is surprising, generating a concise, understandable and extremely well organized end result.

Whether with the community games or with your own creations, Dreams is a unique adventure!Whether with the community games or with your own creations, Dreams is a unique adventure!

Unfortunately, not every perfect dream. O Homespace, which serves as a hub for you to draft ideas and develop your imagination before putting it into practice may seem a little useless. Loading times are generally very fast, but performance varies from dream to dream, depending on their complexity. Furthermore, unless you are already an experienced game developer, it will take some time before you can create a high-quality work of art.

Despite this, it is perfectly possible to ignore the negative points of the game when we realize that Dreams is a game that evolves over time. At the moment, there is nothing on any console that looks like Dreams. He represents Media Molecule at its peak, and the stadium fulfilled the promise made to players to allow them to create whatever they want. It is absolutely one of the best games on the console, as it shows not only the power of the PS4, but the strength of a huge community of players who are not afraid to explore and play with their creativity.

Ready to make your dreams come true?Ready to make your dreams come true?

So, what did you think of Dreams? If you were curious to put your creativity to work in this fantastic universe (or, who knows, you already played and built some creations there), leave your opinion in the comments!


9.5 / 10


Even though it was a long time in development, the long wait for Dreams paid off. The game presents a totally new way for people to create and share their creations with the world. Media Molecule has created a set of intuitive tools to use and a social platform where players can collaborate and explore the imagination of others. Dreams is an unprecedented feat in the gaming world and one of the most innovative games in recent years. It is a creation that you need to experience to see the height that dreams can reach when you give them wings to fly.


  • Tools offer almost unlimited creative freedom
  • DreamSurfing fun to explore
  • Art‚Äôs Dream is a wonderful introduction for the player
  • Excellent presentation and elaborate tutorials


  • Controls layout can be difficult
  • Homespace is a poorly used space